Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson Tells TheGloss About Wedgies

SJ: It is a different lifestyle growing up in the public eye and not having that so-called freedom to make mistakes, and learn things the hard way, and be a normal teenager. But it also is a blessing. I get to be with a community of very strong individuals and growing up faster I kind of realize things that others don’t. And I’ve been blessed with a really good opportunity. I do miss it, though. I wish I had a little more. But I’d say it’s a pretty decent trade.

TG: In terms of that trade, what part of this experience have you loved most? What have been the most amazing experiences?

SJ: Being able to travel the world. To meet so many phenomenally interesting people, and be a part of things like this. It’s a dream job.

TG: I know our readers wanted to know if you get any say in the way you’re styled during the competition.

SJ: People kind of pick which outfits we wear on a daily basis, but we have a say in our hair and make-up. I mean they don’t want you to come out in braided pigtails or something, but you can be creative and unique in that way.

TG: How do you feel about the uniforms?

I loved the leotards this year. I feel like they’ve taken a more simplistic route. It’s just gorgeous fabric and gorgeous design of jewels and I think the more simply they are the more comfortable they are, and easier to compete in.

TG: Do they give you wedgies?

SJ: Wedgies! Yes, they’re bound to happen. But they kind of are leotard’s design is supposed to be kind of a second skin, so they’ve kind of perfected that.

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    • Maggie

      Love love love what you are wearing

    • Renee

      Awesome :)

    • werbeartikel

      O my goodness!! Can’t believe my eyes!! :P


    • lucygoosey74

      Great article, and yes, your outfit is smashing! I’m having difficulty getting past her duckface though. a talented gal like her does not need to do duckface. Sorry to be bitchy about it, but something just snaps inside me when I’m within 50 feet of duckface.

    • Kj

      You look so different in non-clandestine webcam photos

    • Heidi

      I enjoyed the interview, but one thing that left me puzzled and wished that you had followed up on was what exactly would be wrong with having hair with braided pig tails?

      By the way, I noticed this year that the female members of the ball people squad (the people that run around fetching the balls for the players) at Wimbledon wear braided pig tails.