There’s A Raunchier Version Of ‘Bridesmaids’ Coming Out This Fall

So, there’s a movie called “Bachelorette” that’s coming out this fall that basically looks like a raunchier version of “Bridesmaids,” and you guys, I don’t know how to feel about it.

Because on one hand, FUCK YES, this movie looks like it’s basically “Bridesmaids” on crack with more blow job jokes, period blood and dirtier actresses like Isla Fisher and Rebel Wilson. But on the other hand, I don’t get it. Is this for real? Is this a repeat? Did they set out to make this movie and get beat to the punch by Kristen Wiig, or were they just like, holy shit that’s a hilarious concept for a movie, let’s do it too? Also, are all funny movies with chick ensembles going to be about weddings now?

Or am I just being one of those bloggers who’s looking for something to be upset about when all I should be doing is celebrating?

Please feel free to weigh in, but before you do so I invite you to watch the trailer:

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    • Breezy

      I think it looks more like the Hangover than Bridesmaids… Either way I’m all about it. I love literally everyone I saw in that preview. Sign me up!

      • Jessica P. Ogilvie

        I know, best cast ever. It it kind of Hangover with ladies, isn’t it? Which is amazing.

    • giveaways

      Yes Jessica it could be the best cast ever, even though what you said i am still anxious to watch them together!!


      • Jessica P. Ogilvie

        Me too, giveaways. Me too.

    • Renee

      -1 for being yet another movie that seems to be a replica of another movie
      +1 for possibly being raunchier than Bridesmaids (yes, women do like this kind of humor too!)
      +1 good cast
      = I don’t really know, cause while I appreciated Bridesmaids in the abstract, I just didn’t think it was that funny. So maybe this will be?

    • Lauren

      This movie is actually based on an Off-Broadway play from a couple of years ago. So this story technically came out before Bridesmaids. But I highly doubt anyone will know that unless you are a theather skank like I am. Poor thing will always bee the second Bridesmaids, but I think everyone will love it just as much, if not more.