What Is Missing In The P&G Olympic Family Home?

It does not lack Ryan Lochte's sunglasses

What does the P&G family home – set up in London to offer Olympic athletes and their families a place to hang out between competitions – look like? Insanely beautiful. That is what it looks like. Insanely beautiful and full of ice cream.

Now. Let’s play that really fun game where we look at something amazing and decide what it lacks. You can check out all of the pictures of their amenities and then leave comments. I will begin:

It still needs a time-travel machine. Everyplace does. Always dibs on needing a time machine.

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    • Renee

      I think it had a time machine, but someone used, changed the past, and prevented it from being invented. Which ALWAYS happens. Sigh. Time traveling=not for amateurs.

    • werbeartikel

      I think it had an occasion device, but someone used, modified previous times, and avoided it from being developed. Which ALWAYS happens. Sigh. Time traveling=not for beginners.


    • Sean

      I’m surprised no one commented, but I’m sure all your long-time readers recognize the dress you’re wearing by now…