Gallery: Lana Del Rey Does What She Does Best In Italian Vogue

In the August issue of Italian Vogue, there’s an editorial showcasing Lana Del Rey doing exactly what she does best: dressing up like a sexy ’60s sex kitten and saying she doesn’t care what any of us meanie-heads say about her. I’m not just being mean when I say she should stick to modeling; my personal opinions on fake lips aside (DON’T DO IT, GIRLS) this lady has never had a problem looking good in pictures. Unfortunately, the interview is in Italian so I can’t read it, but I’ll try to imagine some of the things she was thinking and feeling.

Photos: Ellen Von Unwerth

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    • Cantrellesmith
    • lucygoosey74

      All Lana means to me is another convincing reason to never ever get lip injections, no matter how thin and pathetic my lips will eventually become. I will never understand why some women think the blowup doll/weird fish look is sexy.

    • Alexis H

      I don’t get all the LDR hate. I mean, yeah she’s not as “authentic” as everyone initially hoped and her live singing is sometimes all over the place, but her album has some decent moments and she seems like a pleasant enough person.

      Why is it ok to enjoy any run-of-the-mill popstar (Brit-Brit, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Rihanna or whoever) and it’s fine that those girls are manufactured, but since Lana is marketed as kinda-sorta indie she’s seen as a horrible, phony fraud?

      I dunno, it’s just my opinion, just like everyone else’s. I do think she should have left her lips and nose alone, though (The nose is fake, right? It’s so small!). Plastic surgery looks extra weird on the young.

      • Jamie Peck

        For me, it boils down to:

        -terrible music
        -terrible baby voice
        -disempowering politics/message
        -terrible attitude
        -terrible dishonesty re: plastic surgery, background, wealth

        I do not enjoy most run-of-the-mill pop stars, either. But at least they are honest about the fact that they are manufactured. If Lana Del Rey’s music was good I’d give her much more leeway for all of the aforementioned, but to me, her music sounds like a shittier version of Portishead. Don’t spit in my cereal and tell me it’s almond milk.

    • lucygoosey74

      Oh yeah, another reason I do not favor Ms. Del Rey..that HORRIBLE “Heart shaped box” cover.

    • Shara

      @Alexis H: I totally agree with you. She has always been a soulful singer in love with the 60′s and hasn’t changed for fame. Has anyone seen Lady Gaga before she was famous? Totally different.

    • Roberto