Zac Efron’s New Fashion Campaign Is Hilarious

Zac Efron has landed a modeling gig: he’s fronting a new campaign for John John Denim, a brand we’ve never heard of (well played, John John Denim). In it, we are to believe that Zac Efron–despite his delicately styled hair and flawless complexion–is some kind of mythically anarchistic James Dean-figure. The results are more like a made-for-TV remake of Rebel Without A Cause starring Joey Lawrence.

(via Buzzfeed)

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    • Maggie

      He totally does look like a butch Jared Leto! All he needs is some eyeliner and they would be twins.

      • Bahenchod

        have u taken banana in ur eyes ??

    • werbegeschenk

      I really love the CADILLAC!! Forgot anything else?? who care?? :P