Crowdsourcing: Do You Have A Favorite Nail Polish Shade?

I’m going really fembot with this.

Specifically, I’m mostly using silver shades, like Essie’s No Place Like Chrome, which is fantastic. Really. Why am I doing this? I can only assume it’s because the Fifty Shades of Grey advertising campaign has, at long last, broken me.

And because I’m really trying to hint heavily to people that I am a robot. I don’t come right out and say it, but, if I feel like I’m not going to run into someone again, I very strongly imply that I am either a robot of from the future. A good way to do that is, if people ask about your silver nail polish just reply “it came with my hands.” Then stare at them for a second too long.

Oh, also, I’m trying to stop ripping at my cuticles, which is a thing I do, because I am a big bag full of neurosis, I guess. I figured that if my nails looked really pretty I would stop, or pay more attention to my hands, or something.

Robots can be neurotic, too.

So, taking all of that into account, do you have any good colors to recommend? I could break out of this whole shades of grey thing, maybe. Or not.

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    • Meredith

      Okay- truth be told I use colors because of their names. Then bc of how they look. That said, I’ve found some great ones.

      Your place or mine (great pink)
      Topless and barefoot (the best nude shade I have ever worn)
      Lilacism (beautiful light purple that also looks gray/light blue in certain lights)
      Overboard (dark blue teal that doens’t look black)

      I have a whole set of OPI reds and ESSIE reds that I use for winter. My advice is always flip the bottle over and let the name guide you. You won’t fail.

    • Fabel

      I was on a white nail polish kick for a while, like WITE-OUT white because I thought it looked cool. And it did. (IT DID, I SWEAR.)Other than that, I tend to just pick colors you can barely see, like translucent pinks. I tend to bang up my nails quite a lot & chips are less easy to notice when the polish itself is barely noticeable.

    • Zoe
      • BeccaTheCyborg

        One of my favourite movies of all time.

    • Lauren

      I’m a nail polish freak. I don’t have any good silver shades to give you but here are my current favorites:

      butter London:

      No More Waity Katie – a grey purple with subtle glitter in it
      Yummy Mummy – a neutral beige
      Trout Pout – a bright coral


      Limited Addiction – my favorite red nail polish.
      Turquoise and Caicos – turquoise than leans on the green side
      Hi Maintenance – pale pink

      China Glaze:

      For Audrey – just slightly off from Tiffany Blue

    • BeccaTheCyborg

      I’m a robot as well, whose favourite colour is grey, so I am mostly going to be unhelpful.

      BUT! If you want more of the above:
      Essie Chinchilly (pretty lavenderish grey creme)
      Essie Smokin ‘Hot (asphalty dark grey creme, looks amazing with their Shine of the Times topcoat.)
      OPI for Sephora Metro Chic (dark purply grey creme)
      OPI for Sephora Under My Trench Coat (grey-beige with silver shimmer)

      Umm, as far as not-grey goes:
      Deborah Lippmann Naked (which makes your hands look pleasingly synthetic.)
      Deborah Lippmann Diamonds and Pearls (sheer, iridescent shimmer. Easy and lasts forever)
      Essie Turquoise and Caicos (swimming pool turquoise creme. Makes me inexplicably happy.)
      OPI Just Spotted the Lizard (green/blue/gold multichrome that makes me think of beetle wings and that I stare at like I’m tripping balls.)

    • Angela

      i second the recommendation for Essie’s Lilacism. It’s my new BFF.

    • Mandy

      I really like your robot nails. I do nudes and translucents myself, makes my fingers look long and graceful.
      A disturbing trend that I’d like to vetch about, now that I have the opportunity: What is with people instagraming their manicures with that horrible claw pose? Is it so important to include the thumb in the shot that you must mimic a bird of prey? Put those talons away and display your hands like lady.

    • Emma

      I don’t have a particular brand or shade. I generally stick to reds though. And occasionally a bright pink in summer or I’m a little fond of orange. For winter at the moment (southern hemisphere) I’ve been switching between my usual red and dark blue or purple. I’m currently doing the same thing as you. I bite my nails so I’m trying to convince myself to stop by keeping them pretty.

    • Nikita

      I love Essie’s Lady Like. It’s such a beautiful nude-y purple. I also love any nail polish that is a Tardis blue because it’s my favorite color.

    • Diane

      Has to be essie’s Scarlett O’Hara – a gorgeous, shimmering red. Very vampy!

    • Amandaa

      My favourite is Mod About You by O.P.I! It’s a super girly light, bright pink.

    • lucygoosey74

      I hardly ever wear polish on my fingernails because I manage to destroy my mani after a couple days. However, my tootsies are ALWAYS polished, even in the dead of winter when no one will see my feet. The only time I ever see my toenails naked is when I’m removing the old polish to put on the new.

      My absolute favorite polish is OPI “do you lilac it?” It’s a beautiful mauvey-lavendar that really compliments my skintone. I love OPI polishes so much, I’ve never been dissapointed. I see that a lot of you gals love Essie and I was wondering if any of you have issues with their tiny brush? They have such a great color selection but I just don’t like the brush at all.

      It’s probably just me, I’m kind of spastic with nail polish application.

      • Lauren

        I have never had a problem with Essie’s brush. I actually like it more than the OPI one. I always find when I paint my nails with OPI it globs on more. Also, my OPI polishes always chip the next day. Essie has much better staying power.

        My favorite brush is the butter London one. But those polishes a much more expensive than Essie or OPI.

    • Kate

      -Sally Hanson XTreme Wear in Pacific Blue (bright cornflower)
      -American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Poppy (coral red)
      -Orly in Gumdrop (I think that’s the name – it’s Tiffany/robin’s egg blue)
      -Nails, Inc. in Jermyn Street (taupe)

      And for the holidays/winter:
      -Illamasqua in Scarab (rich metallic red)

      And don’t forget base/topcoat:
      -Base: Revlon ColorStay Long Wear
      -Top: Seche Vite

      I always keep my nails painted and change colors constantly because nothing seems to last more than a week or so without chipping. However, the Sally Hansen polish I listed above is a miracle. It lasts a really long time (with the base/top coats I noted). And it’s only about $3.

    • Katie

      OPI : Lincoln Park After Dark. Gorgeous deep dark purple that’s perfect for winter.