Fifty Shades Of Grey Eyeshadow Is Here

Recently, we were in an elevator with two women discussing Fifty Shades of Grey. One had finished it, we deduced, and the other was nearing the end. The one still torturing her brain admitted she’d been skipping pages, saying, “It just gets so repetitive. They keep doing the same stuff over and over.” To which her companion shook her head gravely, like fucking Socrates, and said, “You have to read between the lines.” This destroyed us for five solid minutes.

Oh, and Bobbi Brown made some makeup inspired by everybody’s favorite BDSM wonderland of facile human relationships. “When Did Grey Get So Naughty?” the website asks. There’s a few one-off metallic pots, some creme shadows and an eye palette. You can pair this with your Marc New York dress, your Papyrus scroll or your lobotomy.

(Bobbi Brown)

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    • Lo

      Shade names from left to right, top to bottom: Concrete, E.L. James’ Bank Account, Christian’s Personality, Ana’s Thoughts, Do I Dazzle You, and Bruised Nethers.

    • Meghan Keane

      I hate to be this person, but isn’t this 6 shades of grey?

    • Em

      I read this when it was fanfic and laughed my ass off. The idea that something so completely crap—in EVERY WAY possible—is this successful makes me despair for mankind. Why all the bandwagon-jumping people? Et tu, Bobbi Brown? :-(