Illustrated Guide: How To Become A Sugar Baby

In recent weeks, TheGloss‘ resident sex worker Cathryn Berarovich has delved into the world of sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships. We understood the term colloquially, but until Ms. Berarovich explained, we did not realize that being a sugar baby was actually a viable career opportunity, gilded with fancy dinners and expensive jewelry. Curious about the profession, we spent some time on various sugar daddy/baby networking sites. After several hours of research (many of them sober), we present herewith our extremely useful primer on entering a mutually beneficial relationship. This week’s Illustrated Guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to become a successful sugar baby.

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    • Fabel

      LOLed at “I want to watch you eat my hair.”

    • Cate

      I love this. I love this so, so hard.

    • MR

      I have access to this kick ass wine cellar, but you have to hitchhike all the way to North Carolina to drink from it. Am I in? :)

    • Kitty

      I totally joined a sugar dating site after reading this two months ago, and I’m now seeing this awesome guy. He’s a little bit older than I am, but a much better catch (sexually, intellectually, emotionally, and of course, financially lol) than any of my former boyfriends. And just FYI, professional shots scream “escort”, but some potential sugar daddies are looking for that =/

    • ice

      why did i find this more trashy then amusing? and incredibly irritating? i need to stop reading the majority of the gloss’s ‘sex worker’ tagged posts. most of them make me angry. screw you guys and your cutesy, kind-of-quirky, NEVER-too-serious ‘peek’ at the world of sugar babies. and it’s sad…because i absolutely appreciate cathryn (can’t remember her last name)’s posts, for the most part, and you guys seem to have your heads level about birth control and politics and whatnot. but for the love of god STOP trying to be ‘edgy’ and write about sex work. this is not the site for it. you degrade actual sex workers by doing shit like this, because for the most part…you have absolutely no frame of reference. and that’s something that never fails to insult me.