Giving Up Alcohol To Avoid Empty Calories: Yea Or Nay?

The other night my friend stopped by with a bottle of wine. She shoved it in my hand and said she couldn’t have it in her apartment. She had received the bottle as a gift from her boss, but since she’s trying to avoid “empty calories,” she needed to get rid of it stat before she cracked it open and consumed the whole thing. She was beyond frazzled about the wine that she’d been carting around all day since she had received it and was excited to hand it over to someone.

I took it from her and reached for the bottle opener. She screeched something along the lines of “don’t you dare taunt me with those empty calories, Chatel!” I glared at her and continued to open the bottle. I may be on a diet (OK, I start tomorrow since I fucked up this week), but I’m not about to give up a glass of wine or a beer or a martini for it. I don’t care how much it’s going to help.

I want to support my friend, and do, but if I have to hear one more fucking time about these goddamn empty calories, I’m going to kill her. I get it! They’re empty calories, but aren’t they the good kind of empty calories? Aren’t they better than a bag of Doritos?

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    • kjon

      Yeah your friend is being a bit hysterical but generally she has a decent point. Replacing a couple glasses of beer/wine/liquor for water can’t hurt. BUT I think if you enjoy drinking, which we know you do, moderation is truly key.

      If it helps her to think of alcohol as some kind of liquid cellulite death… different strokes, different folks. Don’t deprive yourself though.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Me enjoy drinking? That’s some crazy talk right there, kjon!

    • Meghan Keane

      But I drink red wine when I want to avoid empty cocktail/beer calories. Don’t really know what to do with your friends aversion to my backup choice.

    • Goldie

      Well, I can relate to both of you. I’m not one of those people who can keep things in the pantry and not consume them. For me, tough dieting choices are made in the grocery/liquor store, period. So I can relate to your friend’s aversion to hanging onto that bottle.

      That said, alcohol is always the last vice I want to give up when I’m dieting. You can keep your cookies and shit but give me that beer.

      That said, whenever I restrict my drinking (and we’re talking 3 drinks/day tops) to the weekends, the pounds melt off.

    • Tania

      I hate to be that person, but it’s “yea” or “nay.” Yay is an excited exclamation, yea is yes.

      • Amanda Chatel

        But what if I meant it excitedly?

      • Amanda Chatel

        I just googled — it can go either way apparently, but I’m changing it for you. I don’t want to hurt your eyes on a Friday.

      • Tania

        Really? My google (I googled first, because I hate looking stupid even on the internet where no one else seems to care) said “yay” was happy, and “yea” was yes.

        Maybe it’s like how “irregardless” is now considered a real word. *twitch*

      • Amanda Chatel

        Ouch. Yes, that is a difficult one to swallow. At least I don’t use that, and if I do, I expect you to call me out on it, OK?

    • Sam

      Alcohol is awesome; you can guess how I voted. Although, I say “YAY” with the stipulation of “just don’t drink huge amounts of beer or large mixed drinks” because those have many more calories than wine.

      • Amanda Chatel

        You’re probably drunk right now, aren’t you?

      • Sam

        I have a steady flow of appletinis intravenously pumping through me at all times. AT ALL TIMES.

    • Renee

      Wait, what is this ‘empty’ nonsense? Wine has calories just chock full of antioxidant and alcoholy goodness.

      Being healthier doesn’t mean giving up the pleasures of life!

    • Distilless

      It’s all about empty calories, and I’m going to pull the vegan card here. Cause taunt me all you want with your delicious cheesecakes and decadent icecream floats. I’ll have scotch for dessert, thank you very much. Cheesecake don’t make me sleep like a baby.

    • julimonster

      (unflavored) vodka & tonic, or a Bloody Mary made w/ V-8 for something to look forward to!

    • Amy

      That is absolute nonsense. Wine has the most worthwhile calories!

      • Amy

        Or rather, they are the most fun. I was rather consume wine calories than mashed potato calories.