The Candie’s Brand Is About To Make You Fashion Forward

It’s almost Back To School time. Even if you’re no longer in school, it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of all the shopping sales and fun that come with pretending you’re heading back to school. Besides, it’s a new season and a new season calls for new clothes, and more importantly, new shoes.

When it comes to both shoes and clothes, the Candie’s brand is where you want to start, and the only place you can find Candie’s is at Kohl’s. Now that the new Candie’s girl is Lea Michele, how can you not want to dive straight into the Candie’s brand and scoop up all the great looks for yourself?

With versatile apparel that is appropriate for every and all occasions, these pieces are perfect for anyone. So get on over to Kohl’s and fill your cart up with Candie’s. Your friends are going to be so jealous.

Get an inside look at the Candie’s line for Kohl’s in the video below!

This post is sponsored by Candie’s Back To School Line at Kohl’s.

(Photo: Candie’s)

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    • holly

      wow. @thegloss really?

      • jess

        holly, come on. people have to make money. it’s the way the world works. sucks, but it has to happen.

      • Amanda Chatel

        High five to jess!

    • Mackenzie

      I find this especially funny since Amanda Chatel was mocking people who shop at Wal-Mart in that one article.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Sometimes Amanda Chatel isn’t allowed to be sarcastic. It’s a fucking tragedy, I know.

        I should probably switch over the byline to “The Gloss Staff” for the next one.

    • Mackenzie

      I was expecting this post to be sarcastic, is what I’m saying.

    • lucygoosey74

      Oh Candies, you were such a coveted brand in my youth! My first Candies item was a pair of white high heeled canvas sneakers, probably in the awesome year 1984. I thought I was the shit in those kicks! Those, and my Dr. Scholl’s clogs.

    • endn

      dudes… this stuff looks pretty cute, and I am always up for clothes shopping especially if i can say that thegloss told me to. seriously I wouldn’t have even thought to go check out the line and now I actually want to go spend some mon-ay. and hey, thegloss has gotsta get theirs, I totally get it, but i will say– I don’t know if this is a subconscious thing since I read all of amanda’s other articles that are much more, uh, dark, but to me when she writes these sponsored posts it always seems a little forced. maybe? dunno. whatever I’m still gonna buy some shoes

      • Amanda Chatel

        “Forced?” I object!

        Obviously you guys are starting to know me way too well… ugh. You know, sometimes the interns get kidnapped by aliens and someone needs to step up to the plate!

    • Adriana

      I freakin’ love you, Amanda

      • Amanda Chatel

        And I love you too, Adriana!