The Best Sex Tips From 1894

Are you familiar with Ruth Smythers?

There’s evidence that her book – or the book attributed to her – Instruction and Advice for the Young Bride published in 1894 – was intended as joke. We have decided to take it deadly seriously. HAH, THOSE VICTORIANS. We are better than them because we have sex lives, and also, twitter.

However, we have comparatively few meals served with escoffier dishes, so, you know, wash.

Here are some of our favorite tips by Ruth, and you can get them all, here.

Pictures via Oil Paintings Frames


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    • Alexis H

      Who would have guessed that Victorian ladies knew how to troll?

    • lucygoosey74

      I love this! I have quite a few books written my Victorian moralists and they are a hoot! One of them says that if you have sex with your wife durring her period (they didn’t call it a period, instead they used the term “monthly epoch”) that you will catch all kinds of diseases and probably go insane as well, because the ONLY reason to EVER have sex is for the Godly purpose of procreation, aand the lord punishes that kind of tomfoolery.

      • Amy

        HAHA I have never heard the term “monthly epoch” before. I am going to steal it, but probably improve it by saying “dreaded fucking monthly epoch.”

    • Renee

      Totally crossing ‘Go back in time to have a Victorian Marriage’ off of my bucket list now.

    • MM

      Meh, I think this is actually good advice for the time period. In 1894, you didn’t necessarily get to marry out of love; if you didn’t really like your husband, you probably didn’t want to have sex with him that often. Also, married people didn’t really use contraceptives so this is really the only fertility control the bride could have.

    • Mimi67

      Some of this was probably because they didn’t really have any effective birth control back then. So if you had sex, you probably had a high chance of getting pregnant back then. Also, lots of women died in childbirth.

    • thebareruth

      Priceless!!! :D

    • Joshua Thirteen

      What’s the source of these quotes? Attribution, or it didn’t happen.