Further Proof That The ‘End Of Days’ Is Near: Kim Kardashian Scored The Cover Of New York Magazine‘s Fall Fashion Issue

In the past few months we’ve seen a lot of things to show that maybe the Mayans were right in their assessment that world is going to end in December of 2012 (although now this is being rebuffed by experts.) Between people like Tan Mom, face-eating zombies and Lindsay Lohan actually getting work again, it’s been a strange year to say the least.

But now, in something directly out of a horror movie or your worst nightmare, we have Kim Kardashian on the cover of New York Magazine‘s Fall Fashion issue. What the fucking fuck? Anna Wintour would not approve of this move! Anna Wintour is supposed to be in charge of all fashion-related decisions even when it doesn’t concern Vogue. Yes, this world is falling apart so rapidly that it’s best to take cover now and hope for a speedy and painless demise.

It seems that even NY Mag itself is questioning their choice as you’ll notice in the headline (that, I’m sure, is meant to sell even more copies): “Does Kim Kardashian Belong On The Cover Of A Fashion Magazine?” I’m sure we all know what the answer is to that question, but let’s not allow it to ruin our Sunday by getting into semantics.

In case you missed it, last year’s New York Magazine‘s Fall Fashion issue had Andrej Pejic on the cover which, in the world of fashion, makes complete sense. Kim Kardashian, who’s obviously known for a lot of things, isn’t known for her style. She’s basically just known for being a conniving, manipulative fraud.

Nice work, New York Magazine! I really hope you make some mad cash off this issue, because your integrity just went out the window.


Photo: Julia Chesky/BlackberryVision via Styleite

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    • Cee

      Her FACE, it looks sooo…cosmetic! Its fucking frozen!

      • Amanda Chatel

        Frozen like her SOUL.

      • Cee

        Or perhaps surgical is the word. It’s bad though.

    • Tracy

      Whoever wrote this article is such a jealous hater. Kim is known for her style, so just stop it and admit whatever jealous anger you have stored up about Kim K. She may have made a few fashion missteps lately but this woman is known for her style, she is one of the most photographed women in the world. I wish journalist or writers or whatever you people disguise yourselves as these days would just go back to being honest and stop the tabloid hatred on these celebs. Haters did not make Kim, her fans and followers are the ones that continue to bring her success along with her savvy business sense, so the people that hate her will never matter because they never supported her anyway, but her followers continue to support her, hence why she is winning and people like you think the end is near. Maybe the end is near because we now live in a world where success is hated by many, where being triumphant is a bad thing, and where not laying down and letting bullies take away your dreams angers others. This whole post and the person who wrote it is a fraud, and that is the sad part of it all. Kim will continue to win because when you put hate in the universe about others the universe tends to continue to make them win. SORRY hater!!

      • Cee

        Kris Jenner! How did you manage to have time to post this when you should be drafting Kanye’s marriage contract?

        Kim has ZERO fashion sense. If it weren’t for the sex tape. She’d be a sequined bandage dress away from being a cheap Express catalog model.

      • anya

        seriously she is not at all known for her style, there is nothing interesting or remarkable about it! if anything she isnt famous for her clothes, its for her LACK of clothes, ie her sex tape and a bunch of other half naked pics/photoshoots she does in order to stay relevant. when you have style, you can look amazing without millions of dollars in the bank, you can go to a thrift store and and put together an amazing outfit

      • Southerngirl

        I really don’t think it is wise for middle schoolers to comment on the articles on this sight.

      • Amanda Chatel

        High-five to Cee, anya and Southerngirl.

        THE HATER. (I’m sooo jealous of Kim, I, like, can’t even, like, sleep at night.)

    • Sunshine

      I usually don’t join in on the Kim-bashing coz I pity her but my God she looks awful here.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Oh, no Kim-bashing here either, because, like you, I pity her… but this is not the magazine cover for her. US Weekly is more her jam.

      • Sunshine

        Oh no Chatel I completely agree! It’s just usually when I have something negative to say about her I keep it to myself coz plenty of other commenters will say it for me :) but this photo..

    • msg

      Ceiling eyes and (open-mouthed) duck lips. Dear lord, Kim K.

    • suzanne

      I like the photo…

    • vlorell

      surely this gravy train cant keep on running ……………….?

    • Maggie

      So much why! TERRIBLE photo.

    • lucygoosey74

      Wow, Tracy is a wanker. That aside, I do take this as a genuine sign that the end is near and civilization has finally done itself in. There is no more integrity in this world where you can’t go one single day without a kardashian infiltrating your conciousness in one way or another. I actually look forward to the end..it’s been a long strange trip, my friends.

    • H Calahan

      The New Yorker captured “The real Kim in all of her Ugliness”. One eye is bigger than the other and appears to be a lazy eye. I think this cover will actually hurt her and I’m overjoyed. Everyone needs to remember that her “infamous self” is all due to a sex tape. She can try to be “couture” but in the end she will always be a porn star. She’s the most annoying, self centered, twitter absorbed celebrity in the whole wide universe. The media needs to stop giving her attention for her talentless fame. Vogue and all the other mags, please do not put her on the cover. She is fake.