Best Twitter Reactions To The Supermodels At The Olympic Closing Ceremony

supermodels olympic closing ceremony

Did you get a chance to see the British supermodels storm the stage at the Olympic Closing Ceremony? Kate Moss! Naomi Campbell! Lily Cole! Georgia May JaggerLily Donaldson! Stella Tennant! Lone male model David Gandy! They all get exclamation points after their names! Especially when they’re striding on a stage to David Bowie‘s Fashion. Seriously. It was like the novel Tyra Banks wanted to write.

So, anyhow, this was a great moment in the Olympics for people who don’t particularly like sports. However, not all the reactions seem to have been as enthusiastic as we were. Here are some of the feelings people have felt about this:

Pic via AFP

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    • Sam

      1) I really love that The Gloss updates at midnight. That’s pretty fucking rad.
      2) I watched the middle of the closing ceremony, but felt the Willy Wonka tribute was a fine finish for me, so I changed the channel. I see I did not miss much…

    • Benitah

      A Closing Ceremony that had Russell Brand and The Who and people are coming down on models for taking drugs?

    • Locket

      I’m a Brit and felt quite embarrassed about how terrible our closing ceremony was compared to the fantastic opening ceremony. Russell Brand as Willy Wonka? Oh, please! Someone needs to give that man a wash and haircut. The music was average . . . Why didn’t they get the Rolling Stones? Adele? Florence and The Machine? – They represent Britain, not One Direction. Muse sounded like drowning cats! Ed Sheeran ruined that Pink Floyd number (wrong choice of song too.)

      Eric Idle, Kate Bush, The Who were amazing and most of the choreography was great :)

    • gweston

      The closing ceremony was so much better than the opening ceremony which was embarrassing dross , but where was Adele, David Bowie, Rolling Stones , Florence and the Machine ?
      George Michael did ok although he was miming the second song and Annie Lennox ? wtf ??? almost expected Mick Hucknall to show up.
      Jessie J give it up girl u so irritating ……….. we all think so .


    • Laura

      I loved the addition of British music, art, fashion and culture in the Closing Ceremony! David Gandy, the sole male supermodel on the runway, was gorgeous and so were all the ladies in their gold!

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