Bullish Life: The Glass Will at Some Point Be Half-Full. Of Cancer or Tiger Attacks.

I am hereby ripping that water metaphor a new asshole

In Bullish Life: Does “Happiness” Demand That We All Just Chill?, I railed against that stupid story about how we’d all be better off lying on a beach and never striving for anything.

In Bullish: When To Make Massive And Ballsy Life Changes For Your Career, I told the story of running a failing company and being pretty sure I was clinically depressed. Sure, maybe I was, but the solution wasn’t antidepressants and talk therapy — it was declaring bankruptcy, getting out of a one-horse town, and building a completely different and better life. Sometimes what you really wanted was a glass half-full of whisky.

In sum, my glass is not half-full or half-empty – I am, rather, prepared to act in the situation of any water level whatsoever. I have contingency plans!

If your glass is really full, why not look around and see if anyone else needs some water?

If your glass does not have enough water, your time would be better spent getting more water than rethinking the matter. The world is not all in your head. Not even for people who type with their thoughts.

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    • Kailey


      I feel like you would be prepared for this contingency, and I admire you for that.

    • HaydenT

      I sat my husband down, before we got married, and went over Florida divorce law with him and how it could impact him if we got a divorce. We have been married for 8 years.

      As we were discussing whether we wanted to replicate, I told him that there was a strong possibility that I might abuse our child. I come from a single-parent home where that single parent was alcoholic, and emotionally and physically abusive – the statistics are not in my favor.

      We have now had a child and part of my parenting involves implementing strategies that minimize my stress and maximize my support system.

      My point is, in preparing for the worst, I have been been creating the best.