21 Awesome Products For A Beautiful Face (In Hot, Humid, Or Dry Summer Weather)

This photo of Katy Perry is hilarious.

So we’ve reached August. That means two things: 1) mounting dry cleaning bills because there is sunscreen smeared on everything we own and 2) accumulating bug bites. Oh, it also means that–depending on where you are–it’s either really hot and dry or really, really hot and humid. Therefore, it may be time to ramp up your skincare regime (and tone down your makeup). Show your face a little love with these gentle, exfoliating, or hydrating skin products and a few indispensable summer beauty tools. We can’t help the bug bites, though.

Oh, it’s worth noting that we’ve gotten samples from about half the brands mentioned (at some point or another) but none of this is paid placement. All of these products are great.

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    • Katie

      I use that La Prairie tinted moisturizer and I love it! (I’m also a starving editorial assistant with student loans–it’s pretty much the only makeup I buy)

    • Dana

      Hourglass is the best. I first heard of them from that YouTube video with the girl with disfiguring acne (think from you guys?) and she goes on and on about the primer. I’ve bought like ten things from them since and have loved every one.

      • Lindsey Case

        Hourglass does make really good products. I loved wearing their foundation.

    • Lindsey Case

      Three words : raw shea butter.

      It may seem heavy but I’ve been applying it to my sensitive, acne prone, combination skin every night for the past 3 months and it’s balanced everything out. My skin looks amazing in the morning! All I need to get through the day is a light application of aveeno sensitive skin sunscreen and a little dermablend concealer. I used to wear foundation every day!

      • bean

        Yes! Seconded! Shea butter is awesome and I can get it at the hippie grocery store on my corner.

        (PS: Boscia’s black mask is my favorite mask-type thing ever)

    • Mandy Warhol

      ‘Preciate that the Gloss does these with products in more than one budget. I’m not at that point in my life when I can blow $100 on fancy foundation, but… someday. Until then, I use LOreal/Revlon/Maybelline stuff.

      • Queenie

        Yeah, it’s DEFINITELY not my reality to spend more than $20 on foundation.


    • The Beauty Junkie

      Make Up For Ever, Hourglass, NARS… these are a few of my favor-it things.

    • Trystan

      Fine. Fine. I give in! I have heard enough (not paid-for placement) endorsements of the Boscia black mask thing and the Hourglass primer to get my lazy butt off the computer and go try them myself at Sephora.

    • CakeRabbit

      Hmm. Lots of skin care (primers, lotion, SPF), which is important in summer, but I was hoping for maybe some long-wearing blushes, waterproof mascara that doesn’t flake, etc.

      • Beauty Binge

        Hi there! Tarte Cheek Stains are totally long-lasting and leave a sheer yet pigmented glow. They are also really easy to blend and will last for a year. Waterproof mascara I can’t help you with since I’ve worn lash extensions for a couple years, but if you’re looking for long-lasting liner and shadows Make Up For Ever Aqua line rocks. Urban Decay has some great waterproof eyeliner as well. Feel free to email me with more questions — janna@mybeautybinge.com.

      • Katie

        I second the cheek stains–they are amazing. I’m fair and I wear “Loving” every day during the summer when I don’t want a lot of product on my face.