Gallery: Choupette Lagerfeld Co-Stars With Laetitia Casta In BDSM (And Bestiality?) Themed V Editorial

Yesterday, I told you about how fashion has surrendered to the Internet by agreeing to put cats in everything. Well, here is an example of that. In the latest issue of high fashion glossy V, Choupette Lagerfeld (please note that she’s not “Karl Lagerfeld’s cat” anymore) gets equal billing with Victoria’s Secret model and FACE OF FRANCE Laetitia Casta in a vaguely creepy BDSM-themed editorial shot by the Kaiser, himself. And before you get righteously mad at me, know that I don’t think it’s creepy because of the BDSM, but because it seems we’re supposed to believe Choupette and Laetitia are performing BDSM on each other. In front of Choupette’s dad, no less. But what’s a bit of incestuous bestiality when there are clicks to be had? TEH INTERNETZ PWN AGAIN.

(Via Styleite)

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    • samwise

      that cat looks more and more like it wants to leave the more pictures you pass through

      • BeccaTheCyborg

        Choupette really does have that “I’m about to bite you if you don’t let me go” face near the end there.