Gallery: A Brief History Of Celebs Who’ve Hacked Their Hair Off

Earlier this week, polarizing celebrity Miley Cyrus furiously tweeted her way through an extreme haircut, whereby she lopped off her shoulder-length ‘do in favor of an Agyness Deyn-type pixie cut. Cyrus wants some love for having done this — and granted, she looks phenomenal — but she’s certainly not the first famous to go from long to short.

Here’s a brief history of female celebs who have embraced a short ‘do:

Photo of Miley via Twitter

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    • lucygoosey74

      I’m more concerned about what happened to Miley’s lips!!

    • MSG

      Where’s Keri Russell? Demi but not Keri? C’mon.

    • Holden

      No Sigourney Weaver? For shame. Pretty sure Alien 3 predates everything else here.

      Also, one thing I still don’t understand about the Miley pic – ummmm why is she topless again?