Emma Watson Looks Awesome On Cover Of NYT Magazine Fashion Issue

Emma Watson landed the cover of the New York Times Magazine’s fashion issue, and unsurprisingly, she looks pretty perfect. Wearing a navy Bottega Veneta jacket and Harry Winston diamond earrings, she’s also rocking cat-eyed liquid eyeliner, drawing her giant eyeballs out.

A simple yet dramatic well played.


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    • Sam

      She can do no wrong, seriously.

      • Rebekah Mae

        Yeah, yeah I’d have to agree with you on that one.

    • Nik

      Reminds of me of Lauren Bacall on Harper’s Bazaar (http://www.sheilaomalley.com/archives/harpers.jpg), although that has me thinking that a slightly less severe hair style might have been nice here to just marginally soften the collar.

      • Lizzie

        I don’t know, she might look generic with a softer hair style. She might look prettier that way, but she’s pretty enough as is, and this way she has a unique style.
        And I know you don’t mean that she should have long hair, but whenever I imagine her with long hair she ends up looking 13 again, in my mind- she has such soft features that she could risk looking childish with a less severe haircut.

    • Jon

      she is the reason i am on gloss. she is a goddess