Gone With The Wind Quiz! Are You A Scarlett, India, Melanie Or Belle?

gone with the wind india scarlett melanie belle

You will notice they line up with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, or, alternatively, Hannah, Shoshanna, Marni and Jemma. I mean, they do if you’re a crazy person.

Since Sex and the City and Girls are off the air, all I do is watch Gone With The Wind on constant repeat. It’s taught me that basically the only downside to being a sociopath is that you won’t be able to recognize that Clark Gable is much, much hotter than Leslie Howard. Other than that, manipulating everyone around you for everything and doing business with the Yankees will work out great. It will be fine! Because you’re a survivor!

No, really, everyone sees themselves as Scarlett, right? Weirdly? Maybe because everyone who is currently alive is “surviving?” Or we think we could make curtains out drapes? Or that people will continue to love us no matter how badly we behave? Or something?

I dare anyone to say they’re an India. I didn’t even include Suellen because Suellen’s only character trait was “yelling and crying at the same time” but India seemed like she was understandably angry, because Scarlett is probably a sociopath.

So! Let’s take a poll. Also, let’s braid one another’s hair and eat caramel corn or single rotten turnips from Tara and talk forever in the comments about ourselves.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.



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    • Candace

      I’m Scarlett because Leslie Howard is way hotter than Clark Gable.

      Seriously, Pygmalion.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Seriously, he looks like a beagle. He looks like every British aristocrat who was not the movie adaptation of a British aristocrat looked like KNOW WHAT I MEAN?

        British aristocrats look like beagles. That’s what I mean.

        Let’s get some controversy going, here.

      • Ellen W.

        Leslie Howard and Clark Gable were both very handsome men. Howard in a sort of tender, soulful kind of way. (just re-read this, and it does sort of make him sound like a beagle.)

        But Rhett Butler is way hotter than Ashley Wilkes. Ashely marries his cousin. No amount of brooding can make me get over that.

    • Candace

      Also, I wash my face with milk. It doesn’t actually bleach your freckles.

    • Candace

      Also, I wash my face with milk. It doesn’t actually bleach your freckles.

    • Candace

      I like beagles. I also only see ears when I look at Clark Gable.

    • Shae

      Ugh. I’m a Melly. But I WANT to be a Scarlett….. which makes me even more of a Melly. Damn.

    • Scarlett

      One… I have been a Windie (yes there is a name for hardcore GWTW fans) since I was 14, and this poll is great. But REALLY? There is even a discussion about how (the amazingly dashing and handsome) Clark Gable is sooooooo much be more handsome over Leslie Howard? Leslie Howard is watered down looking and sickly looking and boring. Clark Gable was tall, dark, and handsome; even with the big ears and even as he got older!

      • Jennifer Wright

        Seconded. Clark Gable looks like a man. Leslie Howard looks like a man about to die from something horrible.

        (Both of these people are dead, yes? I’d feel terrible is Leslie Howard read that).

      • Fabel

        I second everything both of you said. And thank you for teaching me the word “Windie” because I’ve also been a Windie since I was 14.

        So pretty much– I love The Gloss (even more) for posting this quiz, I love you, Jennifer Wright, and I also love Clark Gable (obviously)

        P.S. my poll selection was Scarlett.

    • Renee

      Belle. Obviously.

      Scarlett is awful. I remember watching the movie and continuing to hope that she would actually wake up and not be so stupid. Seriously, you have Rhett Butler, but continue to pine for Ashley Wilkes. No.

      I hate Melanie too though. Like, it really seemed like that sugary sweetness was an act, and in reality she could be just as manipulative as Scarlett. She was just so annoying. And she would have been a better friend to Scarlett if she had just called her on her bullshit.

      India- meh.

      Belle! As close to an independent working woman as you could be at that time. She had the kindness of Melanie, and the survival skills of Scarlett. Clearly the best option.

    • Jenniwren

      I must admit to being an India. I wish I were a more dynamic personality, but no- I am pretty much the type to whine and bitch without ever actually doing something about it, which I think pretty much sums up India. I think India resented Scarlett for years and years because Scarlett was pretty much just doing what she wanted, and India had invested so much into the idea of being a proper Southern “lady” that she couldn’t accept it wasn’t a feasible lifestyle any more.

      I actually always preferred Ashley to Rhett. Not so much at the beginning, when he’s all slick and pampered, but when he comes back from the war and he’s a bit more ruffled looking because dude, he’s seen some things…although Clark Gable was indeed a very handsome man, Rhett’s the guy I’d share a joke with. Plus he looks a bit oily throughout the film.

    • Cate

      I wish I could make two choices. Because I am Scarlett in that I could totally make a very nice dress out of curtains, provided the curtains were large enough and I generally have awful taste in men, but also Belle, because duh, I’m a sex worker.

      Secretly though, I kind of want to be a Melanie.