I Saw ‘Bachelorette’ Last Night, The Only Saving Grace Was The Pop Culture References

Since it had been heralded as a “raunchier” version of Bridesmaids, I was pretty damn excited to see Bachelorette. I also love Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan. I will not get into how strongly I feel about Adam Scott and I being meant to be, because I don’t want anyone to feel jealous about our obvious soulmate status.

As I’m not a movie critic, I’m not here to talk smack about the movie. Yes, I loathed it. Yes, it was far more crass than Bridesmaids (not in a good way), but it also lacked the necessary wit and humor to hold its own especially when compared to such a spectacular and hysterical movie from the year before. However, my disdain for Bachelorette aside, there were more than a few occasions where I laughed out loud because of the pop culture reference that were completely geared toward my generation. From My So-Called Life to Fast Times At Ridgemont High to Pretty in Pink and others, it was a delightful walk down memory lane of the 90′s and late 80′s.

Here are a few of the best references that, if you’re in your 30′s or mid to late 20′s, you’ll totally get and absolutely appreciate.


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    • kt

      hm. I’m 30 and maybe i just don’t have a great memory, but the late 80s don’t really stand out to me. It’s all sort of a blur of my little pony and barbie. (I was 8 when the 80s ended). So, I totally get the My So Called Life reference but some of the other ones are a little fuzzy.

    • Alphachic

      Ghastly movie. Waste of time and money