• Wed, Aug 22 2012

Avril Lavigne Engaged To Chad Kroeger Of Nickelback!

In unholy union news, Chad Kroeger got engaged to Avril Lavigne! Let’s rephrase: the lead singer of Nickelback may someday reproduce with the woman who started the ties-over-wifebeater trend, two people responsible for roughly 60% of the worst music of the last decade. No one really even knew they were dating, so this news is like a bucket of cold water for most of us. In fact, the only good that can come of this is Lavigne Yoko Ono‘ing Nickelback.

One more time: the person above is getting married to the person below:

We’re going to leave this as an open thread–put your well-wishes in the comments–but before we go, we wanted to insert the following video. This is, pound for pound, possibly the worst song ever recorded:

(Photo of Lavigne via Wenn)

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  • L

    mind. blown.

  • Ally

    Oh Canada why do you do this to me?

    • Maggie

      Trust me, we Canadians are as appalled as the rest of the world.

  • Fabel

    Oh WOW, I hope she does Yoko Ono them & doesn’t like, join the band as a 2nd singer or something.For some reason that (the latter) was my first thought.

  • Lulz

    Excellent post, hilarity ensuing. Worst song ever, indeed.

  • Alexis H

    I had no internet for a week and THIS is what I return to? fdghkjarfgkeajfg

    • Ashley Cardiff

      Not my fault!

  • Cate

    I kind of feel like we should be less hopeful that she Yokos Nickelback (although it would be nice) and more concerned that this unholy union will produce a child who destroys good music forever. Sort of an Antichrist of Talent and Melody if you will.

  • Chicago A Go Go

    I’m not a Lavigne devotee by any stretch, but I like many of her songs. I think she has genuine talent. Her attitude is another thing. She still acts like a seventeen year-old brat and has an irritatingly successful clothing to match: punk-for-the-easily-impressed. I don’t know Nickleback much at all, but that song explains why Tiger Woods is/was their #1 fan. Gross.

    I guess it really is a match made in scat heaven.

  • @pictureabove

    someone call Terminex theirs a tarantula on her head!