The Best Twitter Reactions To The Avril Lavigne Chad Kroeger Engagement

“Professional rocker” Avril Lavigne and mom haircut haver Chad Kroeger are getting married so they can flagrantly abuse the heavy metal horns together forever. The “What the Hell” pop songstress and Nickelback dream ruiner are already doing the publicity rounds with a cover in their native land, featuring the gigantic engagement ring. Anyway, there are only so many funny things you can say about something that is fundamentally hilarious on its own… but that won’t stop Twitter from trying. Here are roughly 90% of the jokes possible.

(Main photos via Wenn)

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    • Kit

      It’s true; I lolled at SAME SUCKS MARRIAGE too.

    • Nancy

      I think Mark McGrath is really hot…. anyone else?

      • M -

        Only in that he sort-of reminds me of Ethan Hawke.

    • khulan

      Mom haircut haver! you nailed it!

    • Tania

      Avril Lavigne was previously married to the Canadian lead singer of Sum 41. Chad Kroeger is also a Canadian singer. Hence the Len joke. Mark McGrath is American, so he doesn’t work.

      But for reals, Chad worked with a neighbour of mine, and he’s apparently a super nice guy.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I did not know Len was Canadian!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        “Steal My Sunshine” just seems so Californian.

      • Tania

        Haha, nope. Canadian! I mean, we have on Canadian band (Bran Van 3000) whose only song I know was “Drinking in LA.” So Canadians like to trick you.


    • lucygoosey74

      Ohmygod, ohmygod..SAME SUCKS MARRIAGE!! BEST comment possible! This just made my day! Thank you, internet!