What Ferris Bueller’s Sloane Looks Like Today

I think the marriage to Ferris has been good to her.

Here is Mia Sara in is Ferris Bueller:

And here she is today:

When I saw this, I thought “wow, she is remarkably well preserved” but some people seem outraged that she does not look exactly the same. To that I only can only say that she is clearly not bathing in enough blood.

Pics via Buzzfeedvia Stylist


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    • Ms. Pants

      Absolutely gorgeous!

    • Renee

      She is so gorgeous. I think she looks even better now! I would love, love to look like that, at any age.

    • Trista

      Does anybody else remember the Ridley Scott movie Legend? She was in it with Tom Cruise and Tim Curry. And unicorns. It’s the only other movie I’ve seen her in, and I worshipped that movie as a child (because, duh, unicorns). http://www.palzoo.net/file/pic/gallery/5485_view.jpg

      And I agree, she still looks stunning today. I hope I age as gracefully as she has.