Here’s Christina Hendricks With A $28,000 Handbag

Well, here’s what $24,000 looks like in handbag form, everyone.

What you see above is Mad Men star Christina Hendricks (looking like a total babe), having just done some shopping in West Hollywood. She’s wearing black stovepipes, a denim shirt and showing off a pretty impressive dye-job, all of which she’s chosen to pair with a $24,000 handbag. Sure, it’s one-of-a-kind and made of alligator (and the chances are slim to none she bought it herself) but that pricepoint is absurd.

…Absurd or not, it’s some great press for Farbod Barsum, the designer, who (at pub time) has 47 followers on Twitter and effectively no online presence. Shouldn’t last long with this clever placement and stunt-pricing, though. It’s called the Isabella, btw.

Here’s a closer look:

(Photos via Wenn)


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    • Natalie

      Not that she doesn’t look cute, but you’d think with a handbag that expensive, she’d get her shirt double button so it doesn’t gap at her boobs. That cost like 25-30 bucks at the tailors.

    • Lastango

      “the chances are slim to none she bought it herself”

      Excellent point. I wonder how deep this runs. We reached the point long ago where no product appears in a movie by accident, and I wonder what stage we’re at when it comes to celebrities. Perhaps there are some who haven’t bought so much as a pair of sunglasses in a decade.

    • RM

      Looks like a bowling bag.

    • Crystal

      I can’t wait for someone to produce a knockoff! Jessica Simpson, are you listening?