Do You Find These Beer Cans Offensive?

Ladies! Time to take offense!

I mean, okay, no. They are probably not that offensive, these beer cans. Though I will say that I think depicting a lady’s gartered leg and crotch on the side of a can does reinforce the notion that beer is a “man’s drink.”

Which it isn’t. Studies show that 88% of women drink beer, and 27% prefer it to other alcoholic beverages. I think beer became a “man’s drink” just because women weren’t involved in the brewing process. There’s no evidence women don’t like and drink beer. And yet, every time makers of beer try to appeal to women, they respond by changing the taste so it’s bubblegum flavored or something, or making the can pink. Otherwise, we do end up getting left drinking out of a lacy-black-underwear-crotch beer can.

I don’t think that’s offensive, really, but I wouldn’t mind seeing one advertisement that doesn’t just depict beer as something “men who love sexy ladies” do. What about a beer commercial with women drinking Bud? What about one with gay men? That would be pretty eye-catching, right?

But, really, who am I kidding? I hate beer. I’m a 12%-er. Maybe this appeals to people who like beer? Maybe it appeals to you?

Photo via buzzfeed via timssal

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    • Fabel

      I actually like this design! It’s subtle, & I’d probably buy for the novelty (since I also hate beer). I do agree that beer advertising should market different demographics than “men who love sexy ladies” though.

      • scarlett

        I love it. Call me crazy, but i would just buy that to have that to decorate my home bar … if I had a home bar. But I love retro sexy stockings and such. I can see how some would find it offensive. I would rather see it as pretty/beautiful.

    • Shellie

      I like beer & I like sexy women so hey! It’s perfect!

    • Stephanie

      I’m personally not offended by this at all. I cant’ see this company marketing this beer to a man, and really couldn’t imagine a man holding a beer with this design on it. I think it would be more appealing for a man to see a woman holding it, kind of a coy look.
      If anything they are marketing towards women who want a more feminine looking beer than grabbing a Bud or Coors like the boys. You’re not drinking a pink cosmo or that, but you still have a feminine touch to it.
      And for the record, I do drink beer, but equally as often as my cosmos! :)

    • Ms. Pants

      I love beer. My body shape proves it. (Also, candy and sammiches.)

      I’d buy this beer for the design alone. Well, at least one or two.

      If it tastes good– even better!

    • Elizabeth

      I didn’t like beer until I drank it while eating very spicy food. Try it! It’s amazing. There are things you can’t pair a wine with that go beautifully with beer. So yes, drink beer and eat spicy food. But … nobody is ever going to pull while drinking out of a can that looks like a sexy vagina. Why would they put that on the can? Most of the dudes I know would be embarrassed to buy that from the store, and would wind up with a 6 of Yuenling or something.

    • BeccaTheCyborg

      I like beer, and I like sexy women, but this does not particularly float my boat.

    • Kj

      Love beer! Hate the design. Not necessarily offended, but not super impressed either.

    • Sam

      Guh, agreed. Nearly every woman I know who drinks does enjoy beer, so it’s irritating that the only beers directed at women are either low calorie/low carb ones (because, obviously, ALL OF US care about those things when we’re trying to get our drink on) or, as you said, fucking pink and gross-flavored. Sigh.

      That said, I would love a can of this for its silliness.

    • samwise

      I think that is really cute, but to me it seems it would more appeal to women, women who like kitch or stockings