This French Hen Sweater: Yea Or Nay?

I’ve been eyeing this sweater for the last couple days. I don’t know why, but I love it. I think it’s the cat’s pajamas and I must have it in my collection. I admit it’s silly and pretty much borders on ridiculous, but I think paired with the right bottom, it will be a dream. It’s also a hen! A hen in a beret! What’s not to love about it? It is a dream and will be even more dreamy once I have it on!

Or maybe I’m wrong.

I have yet to go to the store and try it on; mostly I just look at it online and imagine how amazing I will look once I do own it. I can feel it calling my name. I know it should be a necessary part of my back to school wardrobe (you know, because I’m going back to school… in my head.) But if I were going back to school, how many more friends would I have just because I own this sweater? Probably a lot. Probably way more than I have now, in my humble opinion.

So before I drop the 95 bucks on it, what do you think? Yea or nay? Maybe? It’s a hen in a beret!


Photo: J.Crew

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    • Nancy

      I like it! I wouldn’t wear it though, but I’d be friends with nearly anyone who did!

    • Renee

      It’s cute. More importantly, you like it.

    • Nicole

      YES! I want! But I wont wear it when I’m in NYC, wouldn’t want to risk an awkward moment if I so happen to run into you, because we know how damn small that city is.

    • Brianna

      I love it! Buy!

    • Kj

      French hen is awesome! Doooo it

    • Ms. Pants

      You already know my answer. Put a bird on IT, not put a bird on Tits.

      However, I will support your desire for an overpriced chickenshirt because I am nice (at the moment) and still want to convince you to meet for drinks when I’m back in town (your town, obvs) in November.

    • Samantha

      It’s super cute! Go for it!

    • Amanda Chatel

      I just bought it!
      Ran to the ‘Crew and scooped it up! I don’t care what Ms. Pants says, it’s awesome.

      Thanks, ladies!

      • Jenny

        Good choice! My shopping theory is: if you are still daydreaming about it a couple days after you first saw it, then do it.

        I think I would wear a sweater with any animal on, so long as that animal was wearing a beret.

      • Alice

        Me too! I love it! I agree with Jenny seeing as I saw it over the weekend and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I figured if I walked out of the store without it I’d be very disappointed.

    • porkchop


      I used to have a navy sweater from the 70s with these massive, childish daisies and bees embroidered on it, which I wore with a similar vintage tweed Villager skirt. I loved that outfit and I wore it until it disintegrated, and it looked pretty much just like this picture. Enjoy!