Answering The Door For Deliveries In Your Underwear: Yea Or Nay?

This morning my friend Sam and I ordered breakfast that we had every intention of eating in bed. It’s Sunday this is what people do: eat breakfast in bed.

The two of us had a late night and since my apartment is a pants-free environment, we were waltzing around in our underwear like NORMAL people. However, when the buzzer rang, Sam bolted to get shorts so as to disguise our pants-free lifestyle. Personally, I never do this. If I’m in my underwear, I answer the door that way. Granted, I will step to the side so the delivery person can’t see the free for all that’s happening in my world, but still — I’m not going to put on pants, a skirt or even shorts for hot minute when it goes against my pants-free existence.

I told Sam this. I felt she needed to know how things roll in these parts, but by then it was too late, her shorts were on and she was handing over cash for our breakfast sandwiches. Do you put on pants when you answer the door for a delivery? Am I just being extra weird… again?

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    • Sam

      You didn’t see the delivery guy. Believe me, that was not somebody I wanted to see my panties.

    • BL

      I wouldn’t ever answer the door in my underwear and my house is also a pants-free environment… I feel like it’s an invitation to perviness.

    • BL

      I wouldn’t ever answer the door in my underwear and my house is also a pants-free environment… I feel like it’s an invitation to perviness.

    • koolchicken

      To each his own I say. I’m positive my sister’s done it, but for me it simply isn’t an option. I live on an island, and my husband has a respected position. Word would spread that I’m flashing the neighbors and I just couldn’t embarrass him like that. That and my pantless frolicking is for him, I doubt he’d want me sharing the experience with UPS…

      • Southerngirl

        Very well said. You are a wise lady.

    • Jon

      if you look like cameron diaz, then yes. if not, then please take the extra 5 seconds to put on a pair of pjs

      • Ella Jane

        yes! be totally ashamed of your nonnormative body! that poor deliveryperson will probably vomit all over the place if exposed to a chubby belly. their eyes could totally catch on fire and explode in their head if they see thigh fat. and cellulite? they’d probably just drop dead in the hallway.

    • ladyfriend

      My boyfriend used to deliver for a sandwich shop. He went on one delivery where the (female) customer answered the door in underwear only… Boyfriend says she seemed disappointed he was all business, so it seems she had a weird expectation that she was gonna get sandwiches and sexy sexy sex. This all made boyfriend v v uncomfortable, as he in no way, shape, or form asked for seein’ all that flesh when he’s trying to pay his bills.
      So just keep in mind that delivery people…are people. And don’t want to see you in your underwear. It’s not that hard to put a robe or shorts on.

      • Southerngirl

        Totally agree

    • EmJ

      I have before. But all my neighbours have also seen me in my underwear (and possibly naked because I forget to close the blinds). I generally throw on a longer shirt before answering the door though.

    • Rose D.

      My house is totally a pants free zone. In the house, pants off. Before I even walk down the hall, they are gone. However, I do at least wrap a blanket around myself for deliveries. Whether you are hot or not, these people are just doing their job, and no one really wants that.

    • Jim

      Bullshit! Every guy that comes up to an attractive girls doors want to see her in sexy clothes or even naked. We are made that way. You can count on it.

    • Thalia…Someone

      It’s obviously a yea, although coming from me that might not mean very much since I took off my shirt in the middle of JayJays just because someone didn’t think I would…

    • Lily

      If I have long T-shirt on I just pull it down a bit so it will cower my underwear, if not I just wrap a blanket or a shawl (non-transparent) around myself (or anything else that I might find on my way to the door).