Break Out The Walkmans: It Looks Like Cassette Tapes Are Fashionable Again

What I miss most about the evolution of how we listen to music, is the death of the mix-tape. Sure, people eventually got into making mix CDs, but it didn’t have the same charm of the plastic tape with a hand written title on it. It took hours to make a perfect mix-tape. There was all this rewinding and fast-forwarding to make sure there was a enough space between songs, and when you finally handed it over, it was like handing over a piece of yourself. It was you, but the music version of you put on display for the listener.

The last time I actually owned a tape was in college. I only had them then when I was training to be a DJ so I could listen to my shows after the fact to see how many “ums” I needed to cut down on whenever I spoke. Before that I hadn’t bought a tape since I was maybe 10, or even younger. My father bought the CD player practically the very second it became available, and there was no looking back after that.

This morning I got a package from my sister. She had come across a tape of a band that I like and thought it would be fun to send my way. This isn’t a tape of some band from the 80′s, but Cloud Nothings’ 2012 Attack on Memory that literally just came out a couple months ago — and there it was in tape format! I became so nostalgic I thought I might cry, but realized I had already cried today because it was Monday and I had to get out of bed. I should probably save my tears for something even more ridiculous that I’ll cry over later.

I went to Insound (my favorite music source) and confirmed that this is indeed a thing. From Of Montreal to Frightened Rabbit to so many others, it was a feast of tapes. A feast, I tell you! So breakout the walkmans — wherever one stores such a thing if you still have one — because I’m making mix-tapes again and it’s going to be awesome.


Photo: Neonized

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    • holleeta

      This reminds me of a scene from Deathproof where Rosario Dawson’s character is telling the other ladies that the director of the film they’re working on made her a mix tape, not a CD but an actual tape. And everyone awwws at how romantic a gesture it is.

      Don’t mind me, I can relate everything to a film.

    • lucygoosey74

      Cassette tapes have never gone away, for me. My car has a tape deck and I’m lucky enough to have saved a lot of tapes (which are still awesome) from my teen years.
      I also get tapes from goodwill, you would not believe what I’ve found there…Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Dee Lite..the list goes on, and the tapes are just 50 cents!!
      Damnit, now I’m PSYCHED! I’m going to goodwill today to see what I can find!