Vote For The Winner Of The “Putting The Racy In Literacy” Contest

I can’t make decisions, because imagines of scantily clad people reading books has thrown me into overdrive. Please vote for your favorite, so we can send them a big pile of books. We’ll announce the winner tomorrow, after we run out to appropriate stores and pick out the books we want (though The Complete Dorothy Parker is a given. A goddamn given).

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • Fabel

      The first 6 are all named Stevie and/or Eileen! Surely this…cannot be?

      • Jennifer Wright

        It is confusing! There are multiple pictures of the same candidates. I thought about scattering them around and giving them aliases, but that seemed insane.

      • Fabel

        OH. It IS confusing, but I probably should have used, uh, some thinking skills instead of just scrolling back & forth through the slideshow going “What? What?” Thanks!

    • Elizabeth

      I am stealing Marguerita’s idea of wearing a crown for all my future bathtub reading.

    • Holden

      I adore Anne Sexton (the feminist Ginsberg, in my opinion,) but OMG Jacob, by a landslide. That is incredible.

    • Dema

      Jacob, I want your body!

    • Holly

      Jacob, you look like you belong on one of those “Porn for Women” calendars :P

    • Sam

      Marguerita, you seem goddamned awesome and I wish I were your friend.