Gallery: Paris Hilton Is Topless, Mostly Just Sad In Russian GQ

There have been some amazing sexy photos out of Russia lately, but these are not they: Paris Hilton poses topless, lingerie-clad, sprawled out and in various states of palpable desperation in the latest issue of Russian GQ, shot by the usually great photographer Ellen von Unwerth. We haven’t come across the full interview yet, but we’re sure it’s full of Hilton’s lazy attempts at self-awareness and her tired insistance that the “old Paris” was a character she was playing or something. Until we can get some primo dumb quotes from the profile, we’ve helpfully inserted a few of Hilton’s most timeless gems for your enjoyment.

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    • Spastastic

      Wait, those are real quotes? I thought you were just making up things you’d imagine she would say until you had a link to the source of that appalling “can’t stand black guys” quote.

      I really need to get rid of these last vestiges of faith in humanity.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Yup. Real. My favorite is the Kabbalah one but “What’s a soup kitchen?” is not without its charms.

    • BeccaTheCyborg

      I totally also thought you were making up funnymean quotes.

      Goddamn, she’s a vile, racist asshole. She was hilarious in Repo! The Genetic Opera, but that’s mostly just because she played herself, and her face fell off.