Men Tell Us: If They Want To Date Models

kate moss model

Fashion week is coming up! Your boyfriend is probably going to leave you for Kate Moss! Your life is going to resemble a terrible Adam Sandler movie!

No, no, that’s not going to happen. Good talk, though. And Kate Moss seems like a pretty okay person, so I’m not sure how much wacky mayhem would occur. I mean, she’d have to get divorced so it would… not be an Adam Sandler movie. But, given that men do seem to like dating really beautiful women, do they secretly fantasize about dating a model? Would they ditch their current girlfriend for a model if they could? Would your boyfriend ditch you for a model?

I mean, probably not, but lets see how paranoid you should be. We polled our male friends – and we tried to get as many who have dated models as possible – on why dating models is appealing/completely unappealing.


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    • Lauren L.

      The guys who said no are probably lying. I think they just are saying that to protect their egos. Bill Maher said it best, men are only as loyal as their options. The grossest, old, nasty dude has a shot with a model hot babe if he has the money. What am I basing this off of? Reality.

    • Meghan Keane

      I can’t tell. Is Frank’s answer yes or no?

    • Jessica

      Um, Dan’s answer is just wrong. I mean, I’m sure he’s met some models who were high school dorks or something, but not all models developed late, and you don’t stop growing taller after you hit puberty.

      • bean

        I have no problem with anyone wanting to sleep with good looking people, but Dan sounds like a hilarious idiot!

        “Models are tall because, um, puberty, and because tallness + puberty, they have boy interests!” Did he just make that up to fuck with you?

      • len132

        Yeah… I hit puberty at 10, and I am 5’9”. I don’t think I stopped growing until age 18…

      • Jenniwren

        I think Dan may be one of those guys who doesn’t want to admit he’s the kind of guy who would really, really like to date a model. I mean, most of us, if we were/are single, I think would like to date an astonishingly lovely looking person, because we are shallow, and also because we’d like to know what it’s like. Dan doesn’t want to admit this, and so covers it up with some pseudo-science crap.
        It’s like the guys who rave about Ellen Page and Zooey Deschanel as though they’re impressively deep for liking the “quirky” type when actually, those women are still really, really conventionally pretty. Wearing a band t-shirt doesn’t negate that.

    • andrea dunlop

      Is Greg single?

      • Jennifer Wright

        Yes! He is. And he’s nice. And frankly I’ve always wanted to turn this into a hook-up thing.

      • andrea dunlop

        Oh Jen- where were you and your Gregs all the years I lived in New York?

      • alexandra

        I was going to say that if greg and andrea doesn’t work out, I’d date him….

        But unfortunately, I’m a model, in that most people regard me as a small replica of a real person.

    • porkchop

      Is Bob an avarice robot sent from the future to teach us his zenlike acceptance of soul-crushing superficiality? I’m almost in awe of the accuracy/horror of his thoughts on this subject.

    • Jenniwren

      Oh Carl. I think you’re going to find it difficult to date ANY woman if you continue to liken their genitalia to various inanimate receptacles.

    • kat

      Guys, guys. The correct answer is: “yes, I would date a model if I was attracted to her looks and personality.” That’s it, that’s all you need to say.
      Not any of this crap about how youve already decided you like or dislike a whole swathe of datable women because you think their job already tells you everything you need to know about them. Or because they appeal/don’t appeal to you as objects. Yes, she might allow herself to be objectified for work, that does not make her an object for everyone, forever. I find this whole exercise creepy, really. On the one hand you’re dealing with the broad strokes generalisation of a group of women in a certain occupation – which is fine. But then you ask men if they want to date that sweeping generalisation. It’s just another example of this attitude that individual women are just one of a bunch of cliches and tropes, not,you know, individual people.
      You can’t date a generalization. This is silly.

      • lina

        My thoughts exactly. They were totally making assumptions about a person based on their careers. They were totally dehumanizing every woman who works as one. All this article teaches me is that the men they picked judge people they do not even know

    • anondude

      interestingly enough, i was recently informed that one of the better known models in the world liked me and had made a point of asking others if i would be interested. i was a bit taken aback as i am happily engaged to a wonderful woman and she, the model, knew this fact. i am also not fabulously wealthy, famous, or incredibly good looking. and i am almost twice her age. this particular model is intelligent, beautiful, funny, and down to earth…she also has a plethora of fans and men continually vying for her attention. it is flattering, but instead of trying to understand why she has an interest in me, this article made me wonder if i would date her if i was a single guy. the short answer? no. the long answer, she is way too young for me, has so much more to learn and experience, and, selfishly, i want a partner who is more a partner, less of a student.