• Tue, Aug 28 2012

Queen Elizabeth Is Wearing A Damn Hoodie

In an unexpected turn of events, Queen Elizabeth was spotted wearing the preferred garment of emo teenagers, indie rock musicians and bike messengers everywhere: the hoodie. Granted, this is probably some sort of identity-obscuring doily meant to to deter paparazzi and she had just finished up at a deeply not-emo grouse shoot… but we’d still rather imagine the 86-year-old queen blasting some Dashboard Confessional deep cuts behind the wheel of this Range Rover.

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  • lucygoosey74

    That is the most awesome picture I’ve ever seen of the queen EVER!
    Perhaps she is embracing the thug life? Who knows? All I know is that this is the first time I’ve seen her not dressed up like an easter egg with matching accessories and I’m digging it!

  • George Smiley

    She’s on the way to kick Prince Harry’s ass.

  • Osteopathosaurus

    I think it’s pretty sweet that the queen is driving herself around. And she must be much tinier than I thought, she can barely peep over the steering wheel!

  • Robin Hoodie

    Would love to believe that’s dear ole Queenie, keepin’ it real, up in the fiel’, aiigh…But alas, I can’t help feeling, that it maybe some clever Photoshop trickery!