Here Is The World’s Most Ridiculous Personal Ad

Malik Turner is back! The Harlem man–whose name is pronounced Mo-lek–first drew attention two years ago when he posted personal ads all over New York City and, by personal ads, we mean abstract glimpses into one man’s particular madness. The latest is above, with his demands laid out is his signature not-really-linear fashion: she must be very promiscuous, love the color red, into threesomes (only 2 ladies/1 guy, though), love to wear brown-shaded thigh-highs, Canadian women allowed and Pornstars R Welcomed!

Here’s one of his old gems, if you didn’t believe Malik’s been searching for a long time. The heart wants it wants, guys.



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    • kjon

      People still rollerblade? I love rollerblading! If I had known, I would have kept those lil’ fruitboots!

      …”Apache tribe preferred” lol

    • Cate

      This reminds me of this ‘valentine’ a prospective student wrote to all the women at the college where this girl I know worked. The prospective student’s valentine was much longer and creepier, but it shares the same themes. Maybe he and Malik should embark on their search together.