What’s Your Drink?

Look, this is partly just an excuse to post this note, which I thought was funny. Hah! Anthropomorphic qualities attributed to inanimate objects! Hah! Hah!

That’s my kind of joke. For real. I like shaming Coke Zero like it’s in the stocks.

For I, also, prefer Diet Dr Pepper. Did you know that the Dr in that doesn’t have a period after its name? That’s because people were worried it would be confused with medicine. I supposed it’s therefore actually pronounced “duh-er pepper.” But that sounds ridiculous.

Obviously, the all time best beverage was Diet Berries and Cream Dr Pepper. That stuff was like crack for girls who loved diet beverages. They discontinued it years ago, and I’ve never quite gotten over it. I have one can left in my fridge. I’ve covered it in notes saying “do not touch” and am saving it for my wedding day. I’m probably just going to guzzle it, right at the altar. If I never get married, I guess I’ll leave it to someone worthy, but I haven’t met that person, yet.

These days I mostly drink Zero Calorie Monster. Jesus. I wish I were joking about this. I wish I could be like “I drink herbal tea!” but I can’t. I’m allergic to tea. And I’m sure Zero Calorie Monster won’t give me a heart attack… today.

Please inform me of the all time best drink. It’s on you, now. Go.

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    • Deb

      Oh you’ve made me miss Berries and cream Dr Pepper again. *sniff*

      Dr. Pepper Ten is my current favorite.

    • Jessie

      I heart cherry coke zero. HEART THE EFF OUT OF IT!!! I try not to drink it, bc, cancer. BUT! Then I remember I live next door to the Con Ed plant and realize my insides are probably dead anyway and take the express train to guzzle town!

      • Sean

        I second Jessie’s post. I love me some Cherry Coke Zero. I hear they sell it by the case in the US. They don’t in Canada…you have to shell out comical amounts of money at the convenience store to get one. If you find it at all.

        That being said, I was the one person in the early 90s who genuinely liked Crystal Pepsi.

        I actually just said that. Honestly. I’m not taking it back.

    • Sam

      Grape soda. My GOD, do I love that shit.

      Also, that note reminds me of that meme going around during Occupy Wall Street: http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/imagebuzz/web03/2011/10/14/16/i-am-the-2-6756-1318624761-5.jpg

    • Tara

      Plain ol’ Diet Coke for me, but I mix it up with Diet Dr(.) Pepper Cherry on occasion/whenever 12 packs are on sale. I so wish I had the chance to try the Berries and Cream…why did I never know about it when it existed?!

    • Nick

      Ah! I have three cans of Snapple Rain (which has been discontinued for several years -2007?) in my refrigerator. I have a terrible desire to drink them, but what’s stopping me is the fact that once I’ve had them, I’ll never be able to have Snapple Rain ever again. Ever.

      Not having any Rain right now is helping me to avoid ACTUALLY not having any Rain in the future, but unfortunately, the results are the same: I’m not having any Snapple Rain. If I get hit by a bus while crossing the street, my dying thoughts will be “damn you for not drinking that Rain while you were still alive”. I’ll risk the bus, but I’m not sure what I’m waiting for.

      • Cori

        Lucky! I wish I had the forethought to save some, now I just look at Snapple in the store with sadness. Probably the only thing Snapple ever made that I liked.

    • Kj

      Tahiti Treat! Which first they bastardized in the name of marketing by removing the sugar and using “juice” to try and make it “healthy,” and then seemed to get rid of altogether because I haven’t seen it here in Canada in ages.

      I am addicted to San Pelligrino Lemonade as well. Om nom nom… or should I say… slurp slurp slurp?

    • Cate

      Arizona green tea, all day, every day. It’s awesome because I can pretend to be healthy, while still guzzling gallons of tasty, tasty high fructose corn syrup.

    • Amandaa


    • Maggie

      Vanilla Coke! We haven’t had it in Canada for years (why, Canada? WHY?!) and I have no idea if it’s still available in the States, but that was seriously delicious. Especially with some spiced rum thrown in ;)

      • Cori

        We still have it in the States, I’ve got some in my fridge right now. I hope they never cancel it here…

    • Arnie

      Since moving to the States, I have discovered the wonder that is Dr Pepper. That and root beer, particularly of the Irish variety.

      My all time favourite still has to be L&P, though. God I miss that stuff.