Diet Tips That Are Actually Causing You To Gain Weight

Your running club is making you fat, lock yourself in a small padded room like a Victorian lady. A crazy Victorian lady. Hence the padding.

No, seriously, just eat a moderate diet and you’ll be fine.

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    • D.

      LOL you forgot to add, “Of course I can have more vegan chocolate cake…I mean, I’m not eating cheese anymore so it’s cool. We all know how many calories are in three cubes of cheese.” I’m a vegan, but when I started out it was kind of tough not to grub on all the yummy vegan snacks they have out there.

    • Jenniwren

      You know what I always think is the craziest “diet” (I’m stretching this definition to include he orignal “…is stuff that you eat” meaning) myth? Freshman 15. I’ve been in grad school now for about a month and I’ve dropped about ten pounds. Walking everywhere because cars may as well burn crumpled dollar bills and only being able to afford basic food (bread dipped in anything runnier than bread) will really cut down on your belly flab. You will, of course, be miserable as all sin, but you’ll be skinny and THAT’S WHAT COUNTS, right? Amiright?

      • scarlett

        @Jenniwren – I also had the same thing happen to me at school. Most of the “freshman 15″ is when people drink too much. I didn’t party to hard, my sister studied hard (graduated with honors and got a masters in 5 years) but also partied hard and gained at least 25 lbs in her freshman year. Maybe 30 lbs. Too many keggers = extra clories = fat :(

    • G

      After decades of weight training being seen as something only men and few select “sporty” women do, in the past 5 years, I’ve noticed that people are finally starting to see the benefits of resistance training. Don’t get me wrong, cardio is good for your heart, but muscle burns fat at rest and encourages a well-rounded diet if you want to keep it. A lot of people STILL don’t realize it isn’t about the scale if you’re only looking to lose 10-15 pounds. You may have shed 2 pounds in a week eating 900 calories a day, but I guarantee you most of that was muscle and you just took a huge step backward toward actual fat loss.

    • MR

      That’s a nice picture of the both of you. Eat healthy.

    • Renee

      If you give a mouse a cookie reference? Ten internets for you!

    • Kristina

      I don’t think that all diet tips always be helpful to everyone. As a professional St Thomas Make Up Artist and a beautician i know that there are various other factors also affects and diet is not only one solution for your over weight. I know one lady who started dieting and suddenly her weight increase. Now a day she called as a FAT lady in her area and now she stop dieting as she believe that her over weight reason was only her dieting plan. May be she will never go on dieting anymore in her life.