Photoshop Of Horrors: Something About Doutzen Kroes Isn’t Quite Right

As far as Photoshop disasters go, Victoria’s Secret is the reigning champ, so let’s be clear: this by no means ranks as one of their worst offenses. However, something about this image of Angel Doutzen Kroes is… off. HuffPo say the problem is the sharp line of the supposedly “floaty” robe cutting across her midsection. We’ll add to that the difference between the color of her abdomen and her overzealously shaded cleavage.

Unless, of course, it’s just early and if you stare at ANY Victoria’s Secret image long enough, things just don’t make sense.

(via HuffPo)

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    • Maggie

      It looks like they took out her actual right hip and left her hand in the same spot, so now it looks as though her hand is resting on nothing. They should really get themselves a photoshop editor.