Blinged Out Cowboy Hats Of The Republican National Convention


republican national convention accessories

Ladies are showing up to the RNC in sparkly Cowboy hats to support Mitt Romney! Mitt Romney is from Detroit! He grew up in Michigan! He did his mission in France! And lives in Massachusetts!

At no point does “Texan cowboy” really figure into his mythology, but, fuck it, as long as he hated Indians as a child I’m sure this holds up perfectly. He probably listen to Willie Nelson at some point. Anyhow. Let’s admire the bling.

Pics via Buzzfeed

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    • MR

      Maybe think about it this way. After the ’7o census New York had 41 electoral votes and Texas had 26. Today New York has 29 and Texas has 38. Did you see Romney’s speech? Clint Eastwood is getting all the media play – but maybe that was the intension of the maneuver? If so than I have to concede one to Romney, he’s turning out to be a lot more deft than I thought he would be.

      • MR

        So you’re blowing me off on many fronts. I understand. I’m heading to the Democratic one starting tomorrow, my college buddy has a friend whose setting us up. My buddy’s first convention lock-in of note allowed me to hear Mario Cuomo’s Party of Inclusion speech in ’90. It was very New Dealish and Clinton capitalized on the concept 2 years later.