Michelle Obama’s Tracy Reese Convention Dress: Yea Or Nea?

Tonight at the Democratic National Convention, First Lady Michelle Obama gave the night’s closing speech. She had a lot of the audience in tears and tomorrow journalists will be writing about how she’s the secret weapon of the Obama presidential campaign (How exactly is the First Lady secret? Nevermind!). But tonight, Twitter is buzzing about her outfit.

Which is basically as predicted. The biggest takeaway of Ann Romney’s speech at the Republican convention last week seemed to be that she chose a solid red Oscar De La Renta dress for her speech. Earlier today, Michelle told Inside Edition:

“People look for the message in everything I wear. So in the end I’m doing what women do. It’s like, how do I feel? What looks right? What kind of movement do I need? What’s practical when it comes right down to it?”

In the end, she chose a pink and silver patterned Tracy Reese dress with a full skirt and a silver dipped hem.

So did opinions of her dress choice fall down party lines? If you liked the speech, did you love the dress? If you hate Obamacare, did you detest the dress? Let us know!

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

And in the meantime, let’s spend a moment figuring out what messages her dress sent to America today.

(Photos: NBC)

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    • Meg Shaw

      It had too much of an Oriental look to it for this all-American occasion. Gorgeous dress; wrong venue.

      • ag

        stop being a hater, the first lady wore that dress with great style

    • Sam

      I love it, though I wish it didn’t flare out at the bottom. I loved its vibrant, gorgeous color.

    • E.D.

      I think I need to find clearer photos, but that dress didn’t look vibrant enough to compete with the background colors.

    • Viola

      I thought it was appropriate for the occasion. Someone is going to find something they didn’t like – I thought she looked absolutely marvelous

    • Crystal

      Huge yea! Tracy Reese is a perfect example of the American dream come true. She works hard, has excellent values, comes from a middle class background and has earned her success- her clothing is beautiful and Mrs. Obama wears it wonderfully. Thanks Tra!

      • Ella Jane

        YES YES YES. I love Tracy Reese and her dresses, wore one as a wedding dress. She looked fantastic – it takes some amazing shoulders to wear a cut like that and MObama totally pulled it off.

    • BMC

      She is a first lady and needs to protray it – no dress cut like a bathing suit on top. We have all seen her arms!! Act like a first lady for crying out loud.

    • veronicadis

      Thought she looked fab-confident , stylish and in shape. Loved it! And I always vote for pink!

    • miabia

      The dress had this swimsuit like top. It looked like something a 14-year old would wear to a Jr. Prom. She has never dressed like a First Lady. Even Sarkozy’s wife, who was a model, and very slim, always dressed befitting to her position. This dress screams “look at me”.
      The woman has this compulsion to show off her arms constantly. Really, we know she can afford the personal trainer and personal chef every day in the White Hous. We know, we’re paying for it.