Party Favors: Poor Studies

On soft science, tough female heroines and Buffy. -Double X

Goodlooking people Ryan Gosling and Christina Hendricks team up (again). -YourTango

How to do a “sock-bun.” -Divine Caroline

What Todd Akin believes. -Feministing

20 irrational but nonetheless persistent beauty fears. -The Hairpin

Ann Romney, reinforcing some stereotypes. -The Stir

A bit of sexist bullshit for your afternoon. -Buzzfeed

This faux-Michelle Obama topless cover is definitely not… artsy. -The Frisky

A massive slideshow of celebrities with awkward highlights. -StyleList

“Why Ugly People Shouldn’t Bother With Fashion” (or: “Man Trolls World”). -HuffPost Style

Sneak a sketch from the Spring 2013 Pamella Roland collection. -The Budget Babe

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Kim Kardashian and Old Navy have solved their problems. -Racked

Let’s talk about red wine hangover cures. -Birchbox

Collaborations: Nicole Richie‘s Impulse lookbook. -College Fashion

Janelle Monae is awesome. That is all. -The Thread

Green fibers get a glamorous update. -The High Low

Sheath dresses are awesome, versatile. Here’s 10. -Refinery29

Cute childhood photos of 50+ top models. -The Cut

Why do we eat, even when we’re full? -YouBeauty

The amount of denim trends these days is staggering. -College Fashion

French Vogue‘s dramatic design overhaul. -Styleite

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