Would You Want A Stoneless Engagement Ring? No. Just Admit You Want A Huge Rock.

You know, I remember an episode of Mad Men when Joan shows off her new engagement ring and remarks “you’d like to believe it doesn’t matter.” But it does! It totally does! Because you can use it to one-up Jane Sterling! Because you want a stone that you can use to blind people! Not just with sunlight, but moonlight! A stone so large you can’t even wear it, it just has to be carried around by a team of strongmen in an SUV. They, I guess, stand up in the SUV and hold it? Maybe the SUV has no top? I admit I’m a little confused on how this particular point is going to work.

Oh, turns out this is all pretty outmoded. My bad. Stoneless engagement rings. They’re a new thing.

Trendhunter reports that:

Luis Omar Guerrero designed this unique piece of jewelry with a modern slim circular band and an enormous cathedral mounting of seven prongs. It is precisely fashioned with rhodium-plated sterling silver for a stylish and magnificently shiny skeleton.

I suppose it eliminates any worry about using conflict diamonds, and I know probably that “burly men carrying a ring in an SUV” thing is neither cost effective nor good for the planet. But would you want a ring with no stone? Let us discuss.

I want a wedding ring made out of lasers and kryptonite. And I want it to be massive, like a small planet. And I want to marry Lex Luthor. Your turn.


Pic via Trendhunter

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    • Danielle

      Aside from diamonds being unethical and inhumane they are also completely worthless. They’re just shiny rocks. How on earth did people become convinced diamonds are somehow worth anything? How did people become convinced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (going broke in many cases) on something that isn’t worth anymore than your average piece of costume jewelry from Details? Stoneless engagement rings–right on. I love silver.

    • Andrea

      Diamonds and penises: whoever says size doesn’t matter is either lying or delusional.

    • len132

      I know you won’t believe me, but I really don’t care. I wouldn’t mind having a small, conflict-free stone, but I work in a lab. I would have to take the ring off all the time if it had a huge stone.

    • Maggie

      I’ve seen a lot more engagement rings with gemstones lately; emerald, ruby, aquamarine, etc. I think diamonds are seriously overrated, so gemstones seem like a great alternative; you still get the sparkle without worrying whether it’s from a conflict zone, and they’re usually less expensive. Personally, if I were given an empty ring, I’d be a little ticked. Not only does it look weird, but you’d have to deal with explaining to everyone why your fiance gave you an empty ring… no thanks.

    • Melissa

      I find diamonds to be very tacky. Oh and also, you know, unethical and inhumane. Pearls and other gemstones are more classy and conflict free.

    • Southerngirl

      I married a man I loved who had no money. I did not care either way about having a diamond ring. Time passed and he started making a very, very comfortable living. He surprised me with an elegant, gorgeous and large anniversary ring. He could afford it then and he wanted me to have it. So yes, I do enjoy my huge rock. Not because I care about what others think when they see it, but how I feel when I see it and feel it on my finger.

    • Renee

      Ever since I was a little girl, all I have wanted was for Prince Charming to get on one knee, and pull out a box with a ring with a band made of iron taken from the blood of my slain rivals, and a stone made from the perpetually frozen tears of my greatest enemy. And every girl deserves to have her dream come true, right?! I guess I am just a romantic at heart! Tee hee! :)

      • Amy

        OMG! That’s my dream too!!

        Except in mine I’m sitting on a throne made from the bones of my exes.

      • Renee

        And upholstered with the skin of the exes of Prince Charming?

    • Kate

      When my then-boyfriend & I began talking about getting married, I asked him not to get me a diamond ring. (I practice what I preach, blood diamonds & whatnot, blah blah blah.) He found a beautiful ring with a hunk of platinum cut in the shape of a diamond, in a Tiffany setting. I love it. It’s unique, like the rest of the jewelry I prefer to wear, and I couldn’t be happier.

    • Cor

      I hate to break it to you ladies, but gemstones and pearls in an engagement ring are a REALLY stupid idea. Women wear their engagement and wedding bands all the time, and therefore they generally take quite a beating. Diamonds are the ONLY stone strong enough to withstand the knocking, bumping, scratching, and damaging chemicals that your hands come in contact with on a daily basis. I worked with several gemologists at a jewelry store and I saw so many wrecked engagement rings because women think they are being so unique and “ethical” with a pearl or gemstone, but those materials simply will not last. The sapphire is a gemstone that rates just below a diamond on the Mohs scale of hardness, and it doesnt even come close to a diamond. A diamond will not become abraided the way even a sapphire might if it’s worn every day. In the end, you will end up replacing that stone over, and over. Ethically speaking, gemstones are just as bad as diamonds. Gemstones are not necessarily “conflict free” nor are they humane. If you are really concerned about the humanitarian and ecological aspect of the jewelry industry, then you had better avoid gemstones and diamonds and maybe get a lab-created stone. Lab-created stones won’t hold up any better in an engagement ring, but they are more ethical and generally less expensive. If you insist on having a natural gemstone in your engagement ring then you would be smart to only wear the ring occasionally. Also, pearls in rings-stupidest idea ever. Just don’t do it! Pearl rings are pretty but a hand is no place for a pearl unless t is worn on very rare, dress-up occasions, same for emeralds because they are extremely brittle. Okay, that’s all I have for now, consider yourselves educated.

      • Maggie

        Dang, I had no idea! Guess I should’ve checked some facts first. Thanks for the info.

      • Amy


    • Evie

      LOL worthless. Ever tried to sell a diamond? Last time I checked, people pay good money for those. Aren’t diamonds used in drills, things that cut things that are hard to cut, etc? Totally worthless. And not internet judge-y of you at all to call a stone that people use as a symbol of lifelong love and partnership worthless. Classy winners, you.

    • Natalie

      The idea of the diamond engagement ring came from a time when women tended to stay virgins until marriage. Usually though, they might break that “virgin till marriage” deal and have sex after engagement. So men started proposing, having sex with the woman, and then breaking the engagement. So the idea of the diamond proposal ring was that if the man spent enough money on the engagement ring, he’d be serious about the engagement. So back then, they *did* have a worth to them.
      The tradition stuck and now diamonds are the most common gem for engagement rings. And no, pearls and other gemstones are not better. They are not even close to be strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear. Pearls/non-diamonds will break or be damaged constantly and have to be replaced multiple times s worn around. Not to mention they may also come from conflict zones.

    • mm

      It’s all about the diamond because they’re pretty. Once I went to Harry Winston on Rodeo Drive when I was showing my friend around LA (insert snide “you’re materialistic because you live in LA” comment), and the man working let us try a 2 million dollar diamond engagement ring on. I’m sorry, but it looked DAMN good on my ring finger. We also got to try a $6 million sapphire ring. Equally pretty, twice as heavy, and BLUE. Diamonds match everything.

    • Jaime

      That ring is awful it looks incmplete. If your not going with a stone then I think a simple band would be a much better choice.