Photoshop Of Horrors: Christina Aguilera Looks Like A Creepy Doll On Lucky

I’m not sure if we’ve come to the point where this seems normal or not, but Christina Aguilera’s face on the cover of Lucky magazine looks like a smooth, silky doll. And it’s weird.

I mean, I’m sure that Aguilera has access to the best skin products int he entire world, and that she gets regular facials — probably of the sapphire and diamond variety — but this just seems like throwing it in our faces that someone out there sits at a computer all day and corrects wrinkles, covers blemishes and closes pores.

It’s like, can’t we just suspend disbelief? Can’t you just allow us to do that? Just for a little while longer? COME ON.

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    • Paola

      On the other hand, at least the end result gives us an idea of how Xtina would look like with a semi natural, simple makeup look. She normally puts so much stuff on her face I’m sure she doesn’t use remover, she just peels off the foundation and stuff.

    • Diana

      So ironic that she’s on the cover of a magazine that’s talking about wearing clothes that flatter your body shape – something she clearly knows nothing about.

    • Cate

      It kind of does seem normal to me at this point. I rarely even notice when advertisements are photoshopped unless someone has lost an arm or something.

      However, I was waiting for a bus today and there was an advertisement on the shelter for some Great Lakes exhibit at the aquarium or something and YOU COULD SEE THE PORES ON THE MODEL’S FACE! It was honestly somewhat jarring, first in a ‘she is lovely, but something looks odd’ way, and then in a ‘she is lovely and oh dear God she looks like an actual lovely person! How refreshing!’ way