Retro Snap: You Saw This Man Yesterday

bill clinton

Look at him tenderly holding that saxophone. That should be a clue.

It’s Bill Clinton. Did the speech go on too long? Maybe! Was he flirting with Michelle Obama? Almost certainly. Was it still kind of great to see Bill Clinton? Yes. All of these are statements of fact, incidentally.

Pic via Xtimeline

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    • MR

      I thought it was a great speech. Michelle’s is as important. She did the same back in ’08: Life’s struggles; the People aren’t exempt, only the Elite.
      And as far as the length of Clinton’s speech, there are a lot of Republican distortions to unravel aka the source of Republican Great Recession was the Republicans. He’s always electric Live.

      My buddy and I drive back and forth to my Gram’s winter house in Raleigh every other day and will again tonight. We came in on one-way bootleg airline tickets (10% of full price) to Raleigh thanks to my brother whose got connections, cause he’s in the biz.

      What did you think of Fluke’s speech? Professional women are going to decide this election.