The Platinum Pixie ‘Do: Yea Or Nay? (Everyone Else Is Doing It)

Hello there, pretty lady!

I’ve been listening to the new Cat Power album on repeat for days now. It’s amazing, Chan is amazing (yes, we’re on a first name basis), and the fact that she follows me on Twitter is amazing. Twitter defines you and your acceptance by others, in case you were unaware — and my whole 550 followers will agree.

If you haven’t seen the cover of Sun, it’s Chan sporting a super cute pixie cut. I’m not about to get all music critic on you, but once you hear the album, the cut goes with this new Cat Power sound (the completion of the album coincided with a break-up.) I believe it was Lenny Kravitz who said you carry a lot of energy — both positive and negative — in your hair, and I believe it was I who agrees and cuts my hair whenever I need to feel free. That’s why it’s so short — I constantly feel trapped apparently.

On top of this recent cut of Chan’s, she went and bleached it in the past few weeks or so. I’d like to think before Miley Cyrus, but because Chan and I aren’t friends yet, I can’t say for sure.

Both my esteemed colleague, , and I have done the bleached route. I, for one, swore I’d probably never do it again because the maintenance is not only a bitch but fucking expensive. But as I try to grow out my pixie cut, I’m thinking maybe I’ll keep it short and dye it platinum the way it was back in college and the few years that followed. My natural color definitely makes me look much younger than my bleached hair ever did, but I feel like I’m losing my edge.

Hubbell and I seven years ago -- the last time I did the whole platinum thing.

I may not have Chan Marshall’s genes, but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t give it a whirl once more. Thoughts?

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Photo: Ryan Pfluger

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    • Ms. Pants

      Platinum is just so harsh on anyone who isn’t light-light-light blond to begin with. It seems to highlight every imperfection; or at least, it did when my hair was platinum after a home bleach job gone wrong and subsequent salon fix. And I have relatively light blond hair to start out with. (However, I had dyed it pomegranate and then tried to bleach it back months later–that’s where my fail came in.)

      I love your natural colour. I also love your short hair. Viva short hair!

      Also, it was Lenny who talked about energy in hair. It was right when he cut his signature long dreads off. My brain remembers stupid stuff.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Thanks, Pants!

        I’m also glad that it was indeed Lenny… like you, I remember obscure things like that. Apparently, it resonated with me even as a wee one…

    • Fabel

      I wouldn’t do it! If you feel like you’re losing your edge, maybe go red?

    • Samantha

      Miley Cyrus and Chan Marshall make me miss my college platinum pixie. It didn’t necessarily work with my skin, but I loved it, and it felt like I was constantly giving a manicured middle finger to everyone because I finally had confidence, despite knowing it was “wrong” for me.

      I say go for it if that’s what’s in your head, give it six months or whatever, and dye it back or grow it out when the maintenance becomes tedious.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Me too! It’s all that missing of my college days that’s getting to me. I might be having my mid-life crisis early.

    • holleeta

      I love her music and I like your hair color as it is now. I think both Miley and Chan look better as brunettes.

    • matbo

      Been rocking the bleached pixie all summer (yes, before Miley Cyrus!) and I’ve been swimming in compliments and sweet, sweet getting-laidness.

      I am scandinavian though, with very fair skin, but I’d venture that most people can pull it off it they get the correct tone to correlate with their skin tone.

      I am thinking of going dark again. More and more people are rocking the bleached pixie and I prefer being a super unique snow flake…but like with darker hair.

    • Sugar

      I want to change your eyebrows so bad I DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT YOUR HAIR

      • Amanda Chatel

        No no! They’re way fuller now! Well… not way… but fuller than in that photo. I didn’t even notice they were non-existant in that picture until you pointed them out.

      • Sugar

        well the points to me for making you self conscious. (kidding!)
        platinum hair is over done, I think.
        Dark purple is nice, though… hmm?

    • Jenniwren

      I really badly wanted platinum blond pixie-cut hair for a while a few years ago- actually I wanted to look like Madonna in the Cherish video; not a true pixie but a sexified grown-out version. But I never really considered going through with it- I’m a natural red-head with strawberry blonde hair, it would have looked DREADFUL and the regrowth would have been a nightmare. I did the pixie for a while though and remain a whole-hearted advocate of shorter hair.

      Regardless, I think if someone has the right attitude they can pull off anything; but those people always seem to be able to coordinate their overall look and lifestyle much better than I ever can.

    • Ally

      I think short hair just suits you so well but not the bleach blonde color. I’m not a fan of it on anyone though (Michelle Williams included, and I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like her hair and wishes she’d darken it and grow it out again) because I find it looks far too harsh on most people and it drastically ages them. That being said, if you feel you want this change by all means go for it. With the right attitude you can rock any look!

    • Sam

      I think if you’re curious, you should go for it. You can always go back!

    • Rachel

      Yeah, I also think one of the best things about short hair is how it generally looks so healthy and low maintenance. I figure this is because the ends get trimmed often enough that they never split (though what do I know? I’m not a stylist).
      However, I’ve never loved platinum pixies because they often don’t look healthy or low maintenance, and even if they look do, they are, as you say, expensive. Which, I guess, makes it not low maintenance.
      So yeah, I say keep the dark pixie. It also looks great with your skin tone, and your eyes are pretty with the platinum, but striking with the brown! It looks like your eyes are blue or a light grey, right? I’ve always loved how light eyes look with brown hair. It’s not so common, and I think it just looks swell.
      Also, I like the balance between your dark glasses, light skin, and dark hair. I am a natural blonde, and it took me forever to find frames that didn’t seem weird with my coloring. The darker frames often looked too strong, and light frames often looked blaaaaaaaand.
      So I think you look great now. You look good in the platinum pixie pic, but I say stay dark.