Illustrated Guide: How To Dress For A Job Interview

Have you ever wondered how to dress for a job interview? You must have, because one of the more overused fashion magazine tropes is just that and the idea gets recycled constantly. Of course, none of them really acknowledge that appropriate dress for a job position may depend on that specific position/that specific office culture/that specific industry, as opposed to some fashion editor’s idea of nebulous “business.” Still, we read a whole bunch of these breakdowns purporting to make you fit to become that vague executive of something and then we decided to condense all of those suggestions into one helpful Illustrated Guide. Happy hunting!

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    • Jennifer Wright

      I’m a sabre!

    • Lastango

      That’s funny! It reminds me of all the media profiles that imply business is about aggression, domination, and victory — over not just competitors, but over everyone we meet or work with. The harder the business type kicks and punches, the more dynamic, the more praisyworthy they are. I think that’s because, like the fashion editor you refer to, the writers know nothing at all about business — or anything else that happens out in the real world — so they have to fall back on simple formulas to puff their subjects. Ditto the people who pump out TV shows.

      And I really like the postures of your figures. Your drawings seem to me to work on multiple levels, subtle and overt at the same time.

    • kit

      This is great.

    • Katrina

      This is good advice, I feel like the splatter-painted-with-blood heels will go well with my cover letter that reads:
      Dear Bitches,
      I work here now.

      They’ll say, Yes! That girl knows how to make business happen!
      Then they will shower me with money.

      • woo

        MAKE. IT. RAIN!

    • Jennifer

      “Palm Pilots!” I want to print that out and frame it.

      Don’t forget “jackets!”: