President Obama’s DNC Speech Highlights: ‘She’ Could Be President Of The United States

Although he covered everything a presidential nominee should in his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention tonight, the one thing that stood out was just how pro-women and women’s right President Barack Obama truly is. Not only was his speech full of gratitude, love and admiration for the three beautiful ladies in his life, but if you listened closely — hell, you didn’t even have to listen closely — when it came to giving examples for the future of children everywhere, he almost always used either “she” or “her.” It was pure bliss upon the ears!

Here are some of the best quotes of the evening from both our Commander-in-Chief and his wacky sidekick, Vice President Joe Biden. I say wacky, because, well come on, he is — and that’s what makes him so lovable.

But overall takeaway? Women should have control over their own bodies and we really can rule the world.


Photo: NBC

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    • Maggie

      For the first time ever, I find myself wishing I was American just so I could vote this year. Americans, please, pretty please, re-elect Obama.

    • MR

      Yeah, Jennifer Granholm. She’s just fantastic. And as you know I’ve always had a thing for women born in the ’50s. :)

    • Jenny

      I try not to get involved in political discussions, because it almost never ends in changed opinions and almost always ends in hurt feelings. But, I feel like I have to throw my two cents in.

      You have to know that his use of the feminine pronoun was a calculated move by his speechwriter(s) to pander to women voters. Part of the democratic platform is the ‘War on Women’ (which I’m putting in quotes to note it as a title, not imply sarcasm).

      I’m not saying this should change the way you vote, but both parties do this. It’s a part of politics to use emotionally charged or inflammatory rhetoric to rally voters.

      I prefer to focus on voting/political history more than platforms and speeches.

      • ke

        I see your point. However, I also see that he’s responsible for 2 little women, has a little sister, had a sick mother, and is married to a lady that he’s very “connected” to. I think that he is one of those guys that just “gets” it when it comes to women.