My Very Private Fashion Week Diary: Day One


I went to a lunch for LivingProof at the Bryant Park Hotel. They’ve got some new product called a primer that says it’s going to make your hairstyle last two times longer. A scientist explained how this worked, but there was also a picture of a model that had Veronica Lake-like hair so I spent the entire presentation thinking about how much I’d like to be friends with Robert Osborne. I thought about the kind of conversations we’d have. Great ones, probably! A lot of them would probably be about how Preston Sturges is truly a master of the art of slapstick.

This is the product they were introducing. It’s available for $20 at local Sephoras. I’ll try it out for you and see if it actually makes my Veronica Lake style last two times longer:

This is a picture of Veronica Lake’s hair:

At the end of the luncheon the scientist asked if there were any questions and, as I always do when I’m in the room with any scientist, I wanted to ask why there were no hovercars. Does it have a lot to do with city planning? I know we have the technology. I bet it would just be hard regulate so hovercars weren’t crashing into one another left and right, because there are no stop signs in the air.

“How is this different than other frizz products?” someone asked, and although I was not paying attention, I knew that had been the scientist’s entire speech, so I guess I wasn’t the only one having pretend conversations with Robert Osborne.

Then I went to get a complimentary spray tan at Spa Merge. You can also get a complimentary tan! Tonight! Do it!

It’s always awkward making conversation with people when you’re naked. I think that’s the most awkward thing about going to get spray tanned. That and the little paper underwear they give you.

It looks good, though. The tan. Not the underwear. The underwear isn’t a look.

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    • Lisa

      Yes those are very cool people! And you are very cool, and that cupcake looks HOT.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Junior’s red velvet cupcakes. Not only are they one of the only places open for cupcakes at 10:00 at night, they are also delicious.

    • Kristina

      Most. Awesome. Dress. Ever. Seriously, you should wear it every day very eccentrically and act like people are crazy when they ask whether you wear it every day. Dress-based gaslighting!

    • tk

      that toast looks so amazing but deadly! also whats a czhutlan?

    • Maggie

      I think I just drooled all over myself looking at that french toast. Never pass up something that looks that amazing, even if strangers are fucking idiots and say mean things to you (which, by the way, are totally baseless. You have nothing to worry about, gorgeous!)

    • MR

      So you made it to Fulton Street and Flatbush extension, huh? Juniors at the mouth of Dekalb Ave. :)

      • MR

        Man, that was a big typo. Of course, I meant Junior’s. Hmm, but will Brooklyn forgive me? PS. I like your dress. Also I thought Georgia May was Ashley for a second. Yeah, I didn’t sleep much last night – the rooms were all booked, so we crashed with other people the two nights we stayed over in Charlotte. We’re here in Raleigh til Monday. But, not that Ashley can’t hold her own against Georgia May. Hope you guys have a great weekend.