My Very Secret Fashion Diary: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Fashion Night Out

Thank God we made those decisions, because if we had not we would not have seen these two Upper East Side matriarchs whose outfits matched their poodles. Really. This really happened. I took a photo even though that seemed strange, and made me feel like a spy. Or the Sartorialist. I guess he must feel like that all the time. Wait, no, he probably asks people before taking their pictures. Huh.

FNO poodles

Anyhow! That happened. We laughed about it. How we laughed. I bet both their husbands have Vineyard Vines ties, though I think maybe black poodle lady also has a red room of pain, because I think they might be racy like that. And we went to Tom Ford.

It was for a new men’s fragrance (it was nice!) but, to hell with fragrances, all I want are naked lady slippers for Christmas. Do you think they’ve sent them to Hugh Hefner? I feel like he would really like them, and wear them really well. I feel like I would, too. I would not turn down these slippers. I would also take a lady-slipper equivalent.

Basically, I babbled to the publicists about how they make good lipstick for the entire event. They do. Tom Ford makes really good lipstick.

Then we stopped in to Alice & Olivia, a FNO out event which is always inexplicably favored by 12 year old girls. I have no idea why, but they served this popcorn. Ashley claimed it was appropriate, as it was menstrual colored. I would never say something like that to you. Ashley says shocking things, sometimes (I don’t think she’s a lady). This is what it looked like:


Girlish. That’s how I’d describe it.

And we ran into a commenter!!!! Kimberly! This girl! Who wrote this piece for Regret Week! We were walking by on the street and she said  “are you Jennifer from TheGloss?” and I said “yes.” For that is my identity. And we talked, and it was nice. I think we spend a lot of time thinking about how the internet can be a lawless, destructive land – and I like it pretty lawless, I like to pretend we’re all schizophrenic cowboys – but sometimes it also brings people together, and means that when you run into people in the street you feel like you are friends. And you know them. I took a picture. We both look a bit startled. I think it is a testament to how surprising this age we live in is.

Go Internet. Go technology. Thank you Al Gore.

Then I went to The Plaza

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    • Kimberly @ Twen-Teen

      Ha! We *do* look startled! The belly dancer totally photobombed this btw.

    • Sarah

      Dear god, please carry a katana. LOVE this, I was giggling to myself in an empty apartment. You and Ashley are the best.

    • mm

      I’m so sorry I realize this is really annoying but it’s Fashion’s Night Out. Not Fashion Night Out. I’d take it as a typo but it happened more than once. I can’t get past it, possibly out of sheer jealousy that I would kill to be there and you get to go but don’t even know what it’s called. THEN AGAIN … obviously you get to go to these things for a reason (ahem, running a fabulous blog) so I guess I’ll let it slide.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      I am too a lady.