Poll: What Compels You To Take Photos Of Your Food And Post Them On Social Media Sites?

Check out this photo I took yesterday with my iPhone! I put it on Twitter and Instagram so all my friends could look at it and admire my fancy life. That’s right. My existence is so fucking fantastic with my iced jasmine lemon mint green tea! Jealous? You should be.

Oh, and look at that ! There are TWO glasses of tea in that cute little green wooden tray. It’s not because I tried to pretend I have friends by buying two glasses of tea, but because I actually have some. You can only see her arm, but I promise she’s a real live peson and not a blow-up doll or a robot that I have to plug into the wall before I leave the apartment. I swear!

Now look at this photo I took and also put on Instagram and Twitter on Friday night. Sure, I was in on a Friday — by choice — so I did my nails and watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But I posted this so everyone would know that although I’m home, I’m doing really fancy things. I’m fucking fancy! Pay attention to me!

Watch below for further explanations on this epidemic:


Now that you’ve laughed at yourself and all your other social media-obsessed friends, you can ponder exactly why we take photos of our food, our hands, our feet, etc. — and more importantly, why are people “liking” these things? I mean, besides the obvious explanation that you’re fancy.

Why do we do this? Why do I do this? Why did I write this post? So you could enjoy my photos, of course.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Kj

      I take pictures of food when a) I am in Mexico and want to make my friends jealous of the fact that I am in Mexico and “fast food” means hand made fresh tacos which would probably be like $12 in Toronto, and b) I am eating a ridiculous donut burger and want the world to know about my poor (And mind bogglingly delicious!) food choices.

      Oh God, I am going to cry thinking about that Donut burger.

      • Amanda Chatel


    • Elizabeth

      Because I’m a food writer and it lets me pretend I’m working even when I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars for fourteen hours straight. (I’m not wasting the day, I’m networking!)

    • Marissa

      I last did this during a beer and food pairing dinner. 1. i wanted to remember the pairing and already drank too much. 2. it was really beautifully presented, and I wanted to share it with my friends who are into beer. 3. I’m fucking fancy.

      I think I’m overcome with excitement and want to share it somehow. You’re right though…it’s odd. But no more odd than any other bland status updates.

    • Kristi

      What makes taking pictures of food or hands, or anything for that matter, different from taking a picture of LITERALLY anything else?

      For example:
      “Ooh look at this sunset that everyone else in my city can see, aren’t I an amazing photographer and so artistic”
      “Ooh look at the pictures from my wedding, I’m posting them on facebook/twitter so that everyone that wasn’t priviledged enough to be invited can see how beautiful a bride I was!”

      You can make statements like what you have in your post about a picture of literally anything. Why specific topics cause people to roll their eyes I have no idea.

      Unless you’re against taking pictures completely. Which … well I don’t have an argument for that.

    • whocares

      To be quite honest, I’m a twenty something and Ido post things like this quite often. I believe that there are many reasoned why people post on social media sites; to fufill the inner narcissist, validation, or to just post something they feel is cool.

    • Laurel

      I post pictures of food on Facebook all the time because I’m a culinary student and it’s a way to organize my portfolio that I need to graduate. Also having pictures of my creations on the internet help me get interested by restaurants who want to hire me.