Do You Recognize This Lady?

This is Ashlee Simpson, who hasn’t been around for a while. Some people are confused about this being Ashlee Simpson, as a recent photoset of the singer(?)/actress(?) at a Fiji Water party in Vegas have inspired a chorus of comments that she looks a little “Hollywood different.” Not wanting to let our lives be dictated by Daily Mail comment threads and more than a little curious to test the results, we asked around the office. Sure enough, absolutely no one here recognized her either. A few of our colleagues thought she was Ashley Olsen, though.

(photos via Wenn)

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    • Kayla

      Wow. I thought she was kind of cute before. Now she looks like a white trash mother.

    • Cee

      Hmmm lips or eyes…or both?

    • Meagan S

      I almost don’t believe you… that’s insane. I definitely think something is different with her eyes.

    • Nancy

      Crazy! Looks like her eyebrows migrated north somehow

    • Fabel

      I didn’t recognize her at all, but she never had a very distinctive face? I remember being confused about who she was whenever she’d change her hair color.

      With that said, there is definitely something going on in the chin area, I think.

    • anya

      maybe I was the only one who recognized her instantly? im not even a fan. I guess I’m just good with faces

    • Creezu

      I actually did recognize her.. Even in the little thumbnail pic before I clicked it. But I do see a huge difference. Should have posted a side by side comparison. 2008 vs now, or something. Maybe she just aged…. Stress will do that to ya.

    • Gina

      At first glance I thought she was Madeline Zima…