Bullish for Fashion Week: 3 Surprising Career Philosophies from Designers

Motivate and inspire yourself with hate

I wrote in Bullish: How to Motivate Yourself to Be Motivated about the inspirational power of disgust, fear, and revenge.

From the New Yorker, about Miuccia Prada:

She has often said that when she hates something herself (crochet, for example) she works out her antipathy in a collection: it gives her the space “to be intrigued.” (She also hates golf, apparently, a theme of her June menswear.) Last year, she designed a collection, in cheap cotton, inspired by hospital scrubs.

I’m all about “working out your antipathy” in a productive way. (See Bullish Life: In Praise of Anger.)

Can I tell you the high-fashion look I hate most? The one where the model is dressed like a bum (or, as the inimitable girl group TLC enjoyed saying in 1999, a “scrub” ), but still laced into vertiginous fetish pumps. That look is the lowest possible ratio of aesthetic benefit to sheer physical pain. I know I’m so very plebian, but if your shoes are giving you blisters, you should at least get to look attractive to normal humans. (Total aside: I just discovered that Karmin covered “No Scrubs”!)

Anyway, I’ve always found hate (and the incompetence of others) to be motivating. I felt confident about doing standup when I saw other people do it badly, and plenty of other women comedians have been motivated by hatred of the bullying, aggressive, rape-joke culture of standup (see Bullish Life: If You Can Take a Dick, You Can Take a Joke, Lady.)

I could write about processing hate all day long (I’ve written before, somewhat controversially, about my willingness to ‘stab a gang-raping warlord in the throat’) but I mostly hated childhood, and was reminded of that today when a stranger on Facebook was bragging about taking away her daughter’s bedroom door (for “bad grades and lying.” ) I commented that forcing a lack of privacy on someone who already has no control over her living situation was “creepy”.

(Note: I currently own the top three Google hits for “stab a gang-raping warlord in the throat”! Try it!)

My hatred of the degradations of childhood informs all my columns here and I want us all to work harder and better than those around us, make our own money, establish expertise, negotiate better, take no shit, and control our own lives. So many columns have been thanks to those who try to screw me (us?) over.

I also don’t really care for crochet.

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    • Tiffany B

      Loved the article! Definitely jammed pack with great information on how to make it in the business from someone who has made it. The last advice of not following the rules or finding a loop hole wasn’t something I had thought of as to being successful.